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All Photos from Zoë Blewett

I think I speak for everybody when I say that its awesome to see women take to the filming path in skiing as compared to cruising down the same ole road, competitions. When I was growing up We would see Sarah Burke put together segments with Poorboyz, and Plehouse Films that would feature backcountry, pipe, streets, park, every damn thing. At the same time, Kristi Leskinen was throwing rodeo 7's and 9's in Poorboyz flicks and also putting herself in the streets with her dramatic tahoe 10 stair rail slide.

Ashley Battersby was the next generation to arise out of these two and she crushed. Style. Style was absolutely the word to describe her skiing, she was getting busy in the streets, she was killing it in the park and she was fun to watch. However, like many other women in the sport, she felt she had to take the competitive route. There it was, no one felt they could make a name for themselves or a career out of the filming side of skiing and competitive skiing became the only way to make a living. Well, The ladies are back at it in the streets

The teaser just dropped for JYOSEI and it is looking bomb. the Film quality is excellent, they spent time in paradise (Japan), and they had a wicked crew of ladies that were hyped to be putting together the first of their, hopefully, many productions to come. I find it great to see the ladies take take it all into their own hands and do everything themselves, so at that I'm going to stop putting my opinion in and put it to the voices of these women. So here it is, A line from all the ladies involved.

Laura Obermeyer: Insta: @lauraobermeyer

JYOSEI is a catalyst. It's our first time doing anything like this for all of us, so it isn't intended to be a high caliber ski movie. It is a start, an initiation of girls having representation on all sides of film production. I have so much love for anyone who has supported this project in any capacity, it is sure to be a step in the right direction for the ski community.

Zoë Blewett: Insta: @Yah.Blewit

I was lucky enough to be a part of this project with the most amazing women. Despite having a bum knee, this was one of the most inspiring and eye opening things I have ever been apart of, and it just may change my ski dreams forever. JYOSEI is about opening doors, inspiring, and taking charge. I think, and I hope, with the release of this short film we can do just that.

Natalie Oaks: Insta: @Natt_Geo

JYOSEI is a way to show the world what it is to be a female skier, and to inspire others to dream big. Not too long ago, we were in the periphery. It means a lot to me to be a part of something that shows what we can create together.

Maddie Jones: Insta: @madelieneelizabeth

Producing this movie has felt like the biggest accomplishment in my ski career. My whole motivation and hopes for the film is to open up more space in the industry for ladies to move in and get creative. I think opportunity breeds quality and encouraging women to get involved in all aspects will improve women’s skiing which will then improve the industry as a whole. Everyone wins.

Photo from Natalie Oaks @natt_Geo

Taylor Lundquist: Insta: @Taylahhbrooke

I think this is a very important piece for everyone that has been brought together because of ladies not being included in the industry enough. This is our action to make a difference and create change.

Mina Itaba: Insta: @m8i2n8a

It was really fun and I'm so glad to have skied with these girls in Japan, my home. They were always positive and encouraged me to be more confident. So much love and respect for JYOSEI crew, Arigatoo gozaimath!

Brooke Potter: Insta: @Brooke_potter

Working on this film was about coming together from all different backgrounds, and making it happen. From street backgrounds to film/ photo backgrounds, to more backcountry backgrounds, we all brought something to the table and we’re lead by Laura’s vision. We will all be able to look back on this project and see how it was a film trip of a lifetime.

Stefanie Mössler: Insta: @einashred_relssoem

I had no idea how I would feel to get such a project done by girls only, because I was so used to riding and filming with boys.  What we experienced out there, especially in the streets, was such a powerful vibe and dynamic. I think we all still feel that when we look back on it, especially by watching the film.

The Teaser for JYOSEI:


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