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Will Wesson Part II

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AD: Best part about spending time in China?


WW:  For me, it's a first hand reminder of how everyone in the world does things slightly differently, while still ending up with the same general tendencies.  I think it helps give me a bit more perspective on things to appreciate from home, things to work on in the future and it definitely forces me outside my comfort zone.

AD:  Best fight someone has had while on a Traveling Circus Trip


WW:  I can't remember much if any actual physical fights, but LJ and I had a solid little hissy fit and threw our drinks on each other in Korea maybe 4 years ago.  We get along fine normally, but after spending all day everyday for five weeks straight traveling around Japan, China and finally Korea, we were both exhausted and ready for some space.  


AD:  What jobs did you have before you were professionally skiing?


WW:  My first job was washing dishes at our family friends diner.  $7/hour on weekends during my highschool years.  After that, I was a ski instructor at Bristol Mountain which kinda sucked.  I would watch my friends ski by having fun on the one sunny day out of the month, while I was picking crying kids up off the bunny slope.  I also worked with Andy Parry for my Aunt helping run grounds crew operations(painting, weedwacking, making signs, etc) for a three day horse event every summer.  The summer before going to college, I worked at a small snowmaking company's factory doing random jobs like sandblasting, moving/sorting pipe and fixtures, assembling hydrants.  After those, it starts to go into the skiing related stuff like working for the UVM Ski and Snowboard Club, interning for Meathead Films/Ski The East, and being an Inbetween Counselor/Coach at Windells.  Lots of coaching and ski-event related stuff since... 

AD:  craziest Erik Olson story


WW:  Hmm one time he bit off the head of a fish for some reason when were camping.  Must have been watching too much Man vs. Wild.

AD:  Have you ever punched Andy Parry: How many times and why?


WW:  Most definitely.  One time he was sitting behind me in a car and he used a lighter to heat up a coin and put it on the back of my neck.  I was startled and thought he was literally burning me with the lighter so I turned around and clocked him in the head.  Another time I think it was early in the morning and we were going skiing,  I think we were arguing and I told him not to change the radio while I was driving, but he went for it anyway so I tried to punch him in the shoulder, but he moved and got it in the side of the head.


AD:  if you had to eat one thing the rest of your life what would it be?


WW:  That's a hard one.  Maybe Lone Star Fish Tacos (Restaurant in Salt Lake).

AD:  Worst food you’ve ever eaten on your travels?


WW:  Probably sheep large intestine in China

AD:  Smith N Wesson, what ya got to say about it?


WW:  I'm related to that same Wesson in the name.  That side of my family got out of the gun business multiple generations ago though so that's kinda where it ends.  I had a pellet gun once, but never owned the real deal.

AD:  Closest near death experience?  


WW:  I'm not really sure, definitely had a few turbulent thunderstorm plane rides where I thought to myself.  "Well, it's been a good run."  I've almost been hit by a car on a bike before also.

AD:  In your Hayday of pinching pennies, how long could you make 2K last and how?


WW:  Hmm, the cheapest rent+utilities+food combo I've ever had was something around 450-500/month (living in basically a closet, eating mostly pasta and oatmeal).  So around 4 months depending on how much gas money was spent.  But if you count living/working at Windells at the beginning or end of that time period, it stretches out to half a year because housing and food was part of the deal there.

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