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Will Wesson

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AD: What’s your favorite country you’ve traveled to?

WW: Probably Japan overall, because I've met so many cool people there and it's an over all skier/snowboarder's paradise for obvious reasons.

AD:  Worst part about growing up in Upstate New York?

WW:  Maybe the weather.  Any time you get a half way decent snow storm, you can pretty much be sure it will be wiped out by rain in the next two weeks. This also gets to you hyped to take advantage when you have it though, so maybe it's not always so bad. 

AD:  One unknown fact about Andy Parry?


WW:  Andy has done backflips to flat pavement on Rollerblades. We had some gnarly launch ramps in his driveway back in the day.

AD:  Tell us about your finger boarding days

WW:  Haha, I think when they first made techdecks I made a mini halfpipe out of cardboard to hone my skills.  Never got very far though...

AD:  From and ex ski boarder, who was your favorite pro ski boarder?

WW:  Mike Nick probably.  Was pretty down with the entire line team though and Salomon guys also. 

AD:  One of the craziest things that has happened inside the van on a traveling circus trip.


WW: Just a few weeks after we first got the van, we were on our first cross country trip in windy Wyoming with a full crew.  I was driving 80mph (the speed limit) when the road suddenly went from dry to intense drifting snow.  Andy  was sleeping in the back and I saw a ton of brake lights and cars sliding ahead.  We hit some black ice and started fish tailing out of control towards a bunch of other cars trying to slow down and I can distinctly remember thinking "oh shit this is the end of the van, and TC.  We just got this thing and now we are going in a ditch for sure.  We were sliding so long that Andy had enough time to wake up, figure out what was happening, hold on to the seat, climb his way into it and buckle his seatbeat before we finally regained traction and stopped like five feet from the line of cars infront of us.

AD:  Whats the wildest thing you’ve ever eaten?

WW:  Maybe sheep large intestine or silk work larvae.  I don't recommend either. Duck brain and heart were ok though.

AD:  If you had to pick one person from your traveling circus crew to spend the rest of your life with on an deserted island, who would it be?

WW:  Haha I guess if there is surfing, probably LJ since he would be down for that and any number of activities at anytime.  If it's full on survival life, maybe Andy because he and I have always like to build stupid little projects and solve problems with sticks, stones and duct tape.

AD:  Which nationality of women have your heart?

WW:  In the past, I would have said somewhere from Western Europe or Scandinavia, but after traveling more in Asia and within the US, I think I can relate most to those with mixed heritage.  We've got a decent amount of that going on in the US, so hopefully the dream girl is not too far from home ha.

AD:  If you had one super power, what would it be?

WW:  Probably flying.  Skydiving was super fun and I'm sure wingsuiting is insane.

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