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Will Berman

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AD:  Most brutal street feature you have ever hit?

WB:  Most brutal Street feature I have ever hit...dam thats a tough one, not sure where to go with that but one of the most brutal falls i have ever taken was back in the day filmin with 4bi9 in salt lake for All Damn Day.  I had this great idea of doin a 25-30ftish bomb drop to flat haha.  Dale, Ware, and I spent about 4 hrs building this thing and instead of waiting for the landing to set just went for it and resulted in one of the worst face plant/ scorpions of my life.  Somehow came out unharmed but instantly said fuck that and didnt hit it again.

AD:  If you had to be stranded on an island with one homie, who would it be?

WB:  haha damn another tough one too many good homies out there but would have to say Mr. Larry Fishman aka Adrian Pougiales one of my best homies out there that would definitely be able to catch us some fish to stay alive out there.

AD:  Whats your summer look like?

WB:  Summers for me include a lot of fishing, skiing, camping, just enjoying some time away from the winter season.  As much as i enjoy skiing and winter summers are just as good.  I work at a Fly Fishing shop and am getting into Guiding so thats mostly what i

  i do in the off season.

AD:  Best part about flyfishing

WB:  Best part about Fly Fishing for me is getting out in Woods/ country with good friends exploring new zones and catchin all the fish, if anyone knows its you ha, the tug is the drug.

AD:  Favorite mountain to ski at?

WB:  My favorite Mtn to ski at at around home is either Breck or Steamboat.  Favorite mtn I have ever skid at has got to be Cerro Catedral in Bariloche Argentina most insane terrain i have ever seen.


AD:  Tell us one story that involved Jaron Stadler

WB:  Haha damn to many good ones.  Best one that comes to mind is the guy made me roll a spliff at his wedding while sitting at the wedding party table; due to stress hahah.

AD:  Wildest dude you’ve ever skied with

WB:  I have been fortunate enough to ski with some of the wildest dudes out there.  have to mention Candide, Duncan, and Delorme of course.  wildest shit though has to be back following delorme around Breck guy is a mad man and just trying to keep up is a 

  challenge but the illest at the same time.

AD:  Best trip you’ve ever been on?

WB:  Honestly couldnt pick one "best trip" I have been so dam lucky over the years going the places I have been.  I have to say my top 2 would be Argentina with Faction and Japan with Level 1

AD:  Whats the Craziest party you’ve ever gone to on a ski trip, bar, club, apres. Whatever.

WB:  As you know the ski industry throws some pretty good parties haha so once again too many to pick out just one.  Gotta say the Level 1 world premier in Denver is on the top of that list, i have been to everyone since shanghai six and cant wait for the new one comin up in a few weeks, if yall know whats good for you you will be there too.

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