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AD:  Your favorite activity to do while your not skiing?


TYW:  Skateboarding for sure.

AD:  Best part about driving a big Truck


TYW:  I’ve got 2 bests. 1.Being able to drive places off the map with confidence. 2. Being in a bigger vehicle on the road makes me feel safer in the event of an accident.

AD:  Favorite person to watch ski


TYW:  This answer changes often but one of my favorites I’ve always loved to watch is Simon Ericson.

AD:  Name off one crazy fact that has always stuck in your head


TYW:  California has a larger population that Canada.

AD:  Whats the best thing about living in Colorado


TYW:  I would have to say all the outdoor activities it offer. This is probably a common answer but over this past summer I’ve been experiencing CO more as I haven’t been able to skate (which is usually all I ever do) and it’s been really fun. I have never been a mountain biker, but I recently picked it up to help with my recovery and I now understand why it’s so popular haha.

AD:  Mountain lion or bear, what would you rather fight and what would be your technique


TYW:  Haha man that hard. I would have to pick bear, sneak up on it from behind and ride it like a horse. Then put a cloth with chloroform on it’s mouth like people do in the movies to make someone pass out. Then get the hell out of there before it wakes up.

AD:  Whats your most cherished memory in skiing


TYW:  You know I have a long list of moments in skiing that hold a place in my heart. One that I’ve always cherished was winning the rider of the week award B&E invitational 2014. The award was rider voted and every single person there was someone I have looked up to my whole life. No achievement can come close to being voted on by your the people who you look up to.

AD:  Favorite non ski movie of all time


TYW:  Blow, love that flick.

AD:  What kind of beer is always stocked in the fridge back home?


TYW:  Aspen Brewery Blondes.

AD:  whats your worst diarrhea experience?


TYW:  Hahaha oh man. I was in the Dominican Republic like 3 years ago with my girlfriend and got the classic horrible stomach bug from the water. Our hotel room had one bathroom and it didn’t have a door to it..  I spent most the trip in the lobby bathroom.

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