Random Questions Wednesday

Tom Wallisch

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AD:  Most Famous person you’ve ever met, what were they like?

TW:  Hmm, I actually haven’t had the chance to meet too many famous people. I did get to hang out with Elden Henson in LA once. He starred as one of the bash brothers in Mighty Ducks, one of my favorite flicks as a kid. So that was cool.

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AD:  I’m going to give you the same question as LJ had a little while back, because I think it should be a main staple for everyone to know. Very Important. Boobs or Booty?

TW:  Booty

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AD:  Typical day on the lake involves?

TW:  Getting the crew together. Hang for a while, drink a beer, fill up the ballast sacs, then shred some wake surf. If the water is calm maybe someone will hit up the wakeboard or slalom ski. Watch the sunset and head home!

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AD:  When you’ve played grand theft auto (Assuming you have) whats your go to tactics.

TW:  I’ve only played enough to always try and get as many cops on me as possible and then attempt to escape. Hardly ever works


AD:  Your 10 feet tall and high on meth. What would you do?

TW:  Some seriously dope dunks. Never been able to quite jump that high lol

AD:  Good Company Because…….

TW:  I wanted to do something different with good friends and give all of our crew a chance to stand out, be seen, and actually have access to all or their own ski footage. Make it all about skiing, ski films and affordable for kids and for our friends.

AD:  1 sentence about Kyle Decker

TW:  Water Bear

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AD:  Funniest thing thats happened to you on a ski trip

TW:  Just about everything that happens on an urban trip from the hours of 2am-6am is hilarious. When you’re so tired and out of it that you laugh at just about everything while trying to get a shot or set up a feature.

AD:  Best thing to do in the summer 

TW:  Boat life or beach hang. Nothing better then kicking back with some beers and enjoying the sun after a long winter


AD: Whats the best time period you think skiing has seen?

TW: 2006-2009 was my favorite time to be around. Before all the intense flipping and spinning, no coaches or airbags. Was just a bunch of kids trying to do cool and crazy things on skis. I was also young enough at that time to try just about anything lol