Random Questions Wednesday

Tanner Hall Part 2

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AD:  Scariest trick or jump you have ever hit?


TH:    I-80 Jump in Lake Tahoe

AD:  What’s the biggest change you’ve seen since kicking booze?


TH:    My body.......My shit used to hurt everyday and a lot of the reason was alcohol. It’s poison for your joints and makes you useless the next day, the older you get atleast.

AD:  Who is your favorite musician? 


TH:    Right now it would probably be Vybz Kartel, Dillon Cooper, Cali. P plus Randy Valentine .

AD:  Favorite food? 


TH:    Sushi 

AD:  If you could tell people one thing to adopt into their lives, what would it be?


TH:   Some form of meditation......You have to find what works for you but meditation can be big for mental and physical health.

AD:  What segment throughout all the seasons are you most proud of?


TH:    Here After felt damn good after making it through that year in one piece. Triumph was dope too.

AD:  Your favorite place in the world?


TH:  Japan 

AD:  Favorite strain of weed?


TH:    GMO Cookies right now.

AD:  If you could change one thing in the ski scene what would it be?


TH:    Take FIS back out of the equation.....We all left that organization 20 years not because it was a cool platform, just sayin.

AD:  Now for the important question. Are you a titty man, or an ass man?


TH:   I don’t discriminate.......I love em both but a nice big ass is hard to beat 💯

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