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Ross Imburgia

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AD:  Whats the craziest Backflip you’ve ever done?


RI:  Gotta be the switch backie to tree in the Mayisode episode of Traveling Circus. I’m done some pretty epic backflips, but that one stands out the most to me, and usually to other people as well. It even went pretty viral on the internet outside of the ski community.


I worked so hard for that shot, hitting it probably 30+ times and getting beat up almost every try. I came really close a few tries but nothing that counted. Finally Will and Andy cut me off and told me to rest up and come back the next day. I typically hate giving up on tricks like that but I was so tired and sore I could barely walk.


Well, sleeping it off was a really good call in the end because I immediately was on point the next day and got the shot in maybe 5 or 6 tries. Still probably my favorite trick I’ve done on skis.

Start video at 8:07, or do better and watch the whole thing

AD: Tell me about the craziest invention you’ve come up with


I’m currently finishing up work on an Electric SitSki for people with severe disabilities that I think will change the game. It essentially enables you to ski independently using only your breathing, so even people that are fully paralyzed can ski on their own. We’re going to be doing a bigger press release about it in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

AD: How about that time you through Poop at a Lady, story?


Hahaha oh man, where did you hear about this? Yes, it’s true. I was sitting on our front porch, midday, and some lady is walking her dog and stops to let it poop right in our front yard. Now, I’m typically not a confrontational person, but there had recently been a sharp increase in dog poop left in our yard, and I think I had even stepped in it once or twice and dragged it into the house, so my patience was running thin.


Anyways, this lady clearly saw me on the porch watching her dog poop in our yard, and still had the nerve to walk away without picking it up! At this point I’m pretty mad and I yell out to her “HEY, are you just gonna leave that there?!”. No response. I yell again, probably something like “you better come back and pick that shit up!!”. She FLIPS ME OFF!


I’m now steaming (no pun intended) mad and my patience had run out. I run out to the front yard, pick up the poop with my bare hands, and go “YOU SEE THIS???”. When she turned around, I threw it at her. She was maybe 75 feet away from me, so it kind of disintegrated and none of it hit her, but I’m pretty sure she got the message.

AD: What is your hell?


Not sure but it’s definitely full of Hawaiian pizza

AD:  One sentence about Bogart! The movie


Andy is emo, Erik is radioactive, Giray is an Indian, Ahmet.. likes dancing?


Nah for real, I’m tremendously proud of the whole IHATENY crew for the time and sacrifice we put in to make that movie, and the lasting impact we made on skiing.

AD: Phrase you live life by?


I don’t have a phrase so much as a philosophy and that’s to always challenge yourself and never stop learning – whether that be skiing, education, job… whatever. Stagnation rapidly leads to burnout.

AD: Whats the wildest thing you’ve ever done without skis?


Like… trick wise? I got really in the zone one night and did a backflip launching off one skateboard and onto another skateboard.. I’ll try and dig up a video.

AD: Who’s the smartest guy in history?


I heard Donald Trump say it was him so it must be true, right?


Seriously though.. Euler, Tesla, Newton… this is impossible to answer objectively.

AD: Best musician?


Ever? In the modern era? Currently alive? Man you’re throwing me some dingers here.


Didn’t Beethoven write a good portion of his symphonies after he was completely deaf? Probably him.

AD:  Best drug to hit humanity?


Penicillin has saved millions from dying of infection. Vaccines have prevented many millions more from becoming infected to begin with. Anesthesia allows doctors to fix us up in ways previously thought impossible. But coffee… coffee keeps the world going. So I say caffeine. Final answer.

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