Random Questions Wednesday

Parker White

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AD:  One sentence about Mike King.

PW: Mike King is a shining beacon of light.  


AD:  Favorite book, why?

PW:  Not sure I have one.  This spring I discovered Bukowski which I’ve really been enjoying.  I like his sense of humor and overall delinquency.  

AD:  Do you have a party trick?

PW:  I am a party trick

AD:  Where are the hottest chicks in the world?

PW:  Barcelona has very beautiful people, male and female.  Also, the food is great.  

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AD:  If you could kick one actor in the nuts, who would it be?

PW:  The main character from "The Apprentice", I forget his name.

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AD:  Favorite trick on a skateboard?

PW: Actual trick, Pop Shuv.  Otherwise, I just like trying to go fast!

AD:  Where would you be if you weren’t skiing?

PW:  I’m currently not skiing and I’m in Vermont, so I guess Vermont.   

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AD:  Wise words in life?

PW:  Crawl out of your runnels and cut your own groove.  

AD: One place in the world you never want to go to?

PW: Back to Colorado on a weekend.

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AD:  How long have you been rocking the mullet, Is it a lifetime commitment?

PW:  I think about two years, I’m not sure but it very well could be.  

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