Your Favorite Skier's Favorite Skier

Adam Delorme

I remember hearing about Delorme while I was still living in the east taking high school classes 14 years ago. He was already talked about as a legend back then and that legacy only grew from there. I'll never forget the first time I got to ride with him out in CO, he skied FAST. He was faster than me, faster than anyone on the mountain, and definitely FASTER THAN YOU.

If you talk to anybody about Delorme you will hear a symphony of similar praises. He is one of those humans that inspire you in life on and off the mountain. AD is everybody's favorite skier's Favorite skier so I find it fitting to get a few words from the homies about the man.

"Delorme is the quiet killer. He skis with such pose and strength. Skis so fast that he’s almost impossible to film especially in the park. By far one of my favorite people to watch ski. Style that is unforced, laid back and strong all at the same time. He makes everything look good."

-Tom Wallisch

"I’m sure this article will have plenty of quotes from other skiers about why he’s so good at skiing, so I’ll offer up some perspective from the other side of the lens. Some of the most timeless moments from 15 years of filming skiing involve AD. He doesn’t drop content and barely engages in social media so its an honor involved with the few things he releases. I think that is what has held this illusion throughout the years. He controls his image and doesn’t over dilute.

When we’re out shooting and both in the zone..its such a good vibe. I really never know what I’m going to capture. Delorme isn’t an egoistical pro just looking at me as a guy with a camera. Friendship and loyalty first. If for some reason I wasn’t in the zone or having a bad day he’d say “lets go get some margs” or do something else. And when we’re having a good day he’ll usually say “lets go get some margs”."

-Kyle Decker

"AD is a trailblazer, a force of integrity and individuality. You can see it in his skiing and the way he's ghosted through the industry, never seeking the spotlight but gaining a massive cult following due to his style and ability to redefine how the flex pattern of a ski can be used. The strength of his butters is mirrored, perhaps solely, by his strength of character."

-Duncan Adams

"Like so many others I first heard of/saw dude in the old Level 1 movies like "Turbo" and "Refresh". He was smooth, skied fast, knees together, and with so much power. I First got to meet him at the level 1 spring park shoot the first year I got invited. Intimidated being surrounded by a dozen or so of some of your favorites and trying to prove that you can hang, and deserve too be there, I remember him coming right up to me and introducing himself with a big ole smile. Seems like from that point on dudes been like a big brother to me. Been fortunate enough to have been around and learn so much from a guy who has so much to offer in and out of ski boots. You know hes got your back, he pushes you to be your best if ya wanna keep up, and motivates you not to be lasy with his can't sit still, and no down days attitude. You watch him ride on the daily and realize quickly why he is referred to as bad man. He has helped make me a better skier and snowmobiler. He has broaden the way I look at the mountain, and taught me to give a damn less and do what makes you happy. Thanks for everything AD. You the baddest and the Mother Fucking MAN."

-Chris Logan


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