Who Is Jake Mageau

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Age: 20

Home Mountain: Mt.Bachelor

Sponsors: On3p skis, Tall T productions, Sufefoot boots, Cover.textiles, guayaki, Mt.bachelor, skjersaas ski shop

Favorite Artist: Bob M 

Favorite Ski Movie: Be Inspired 

Favorite Food: Thai is probably the go to

I got to see Jake ski for the first time at the "Creation Nation" in Sweden. A session put together by "The Bunch", where they invite guys from all over the world to come to their homeland, Sweden, to set up a bunch of park features and get to ride together. His style was smooth, tricks were different, and I had no idea where this dude had come from. Was he Swedish? Norwegian? I've never seen him before. I've never heard of him. He was soft spoken and after introducing myself I still wasn't quite sure where he had come from, just that he was a nasty skier.

Fast forward a couple years, with the help of ON3P skis I feel that he has become more of a household name. He had some absolutely nasty shots in both ON3P movies, and other edits dropping with similar style skiers so we have gotten to see much more of his skiing, but still, most of us know nothing more about this mystery man.

Photo from Adam Klingeteg

AD: I still find it absolutely crazy that you crush pipe man. Your ski style typical isn't one associated with a guy who can throw down in the pipe setting. Where the hell does that come from?

JM:   Aha Thank you so much, Id have to say it came more from skiing all other types of skiing and having small doses of pipe riding. More so I rode the pipe durring competitions, so I think that helped push me to learn more in the time frame I had. I was also very fortunate growing up skiing Mt.Bachelor because I find the pipe skiing quite relatable to skiing with all the natural transitions on the mountain.

AD: How's dealing with the competition circuit, with balancing the film skiing you do, and do fit in with the other guy's in the circuit?

JM:  Its been quite Interesting/extremely active. I came to really really enjoy having such contrast throughout my season, kinda kept things fresh at all times. Hmmmm there are so many rad amazing people that im around on the circuit but at the same time also cant relate at all times. 

AD: Is it enjoyable for you to compete in pipe? I know you also did the Big Air at Bachelor "Air and Style" how did that go for you?

JM:   At times its very enjoyable because of the crazy rush it gives you, The last couple years I hadn't been viewing the competitions as if i was trying to beat anyone else because I knew all I wanted to do is ride the smoothest I could because thats whats going to feel the best for me despite what someone else would think. I also enjoy some big jumps so was pretty nice to have an event like that at my home resort.

AD: Seems like you're a do it all skier, Where do you see your promised ski land?

JM:   I see the promised ski land with easy accessible backcountry with a big variety of terrain, a river, and a population of <33 

Photo From Martin Axwell

AD: Where are you from and how did you get into freeskiing in the beginning?

JM:   I was born in Maui, Hawaii and moves to Bend when i was 6-7 and my dad had taught me how to ski and continued to ski with him for many years before hopping in the park.  

AD: Is there anybody you look up to in your skiing, people that have shaped your skiing in anyway in particular

JM:  Yes of course, Like everyone in The Bunch have such a original and fresh outlook on life and skiing and is very motivating for actions on and off the ski hill. Id say Brady Perron and Mike Hornbeck had maybe the biggest impact on me growing up, still to date have a big impact.

^^ Brady Perron ^^ Mike Hornbeck

AD: How do you feel like you come up with the ideas for tricks you do?

JM:   I think about skiing alot, but kinda picture em as a puzzle. Picking things i can do or think are manage able combing that with my surroundings then just piece them together in the way i imagine. Or sometimes jus go in freestyle style and theres no thought besides whats happening and then stuff happens.

AD: Other than skiing, what do you enjoy doing?

JM: I fly fish, skate, and spend alot of time outside it help find a nice harmony with ski season.

AD: What direction is skiing heading to in your opinion? Anything you'd like to see more of? less of?

JM:  Ahhh hard to say, I do think resorts make it to expensive and hard to relate for alot of people that cant afford that and i dont think that helps any. Also the beautiful thing is you dont have to do that and you can just create on your own and still have tons of fun if not more all fo freeee. I do believe theres patterns to the success of sports so IF it where to be down it will for sure rise. There are alot of people doing great things for freestyle skiing so id like to picture skiing heading in a great direction.

AD: Thanks for the chance to hear your views brotha. Mad Appreciation and can wait to see what the future has in store for ya man!


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