The Wells Lamont Invasion

Will Berman Reppin Wells

Huge companies have a tendency to come into skiing quick, and leave even quicker. Often they realize this small niche of skiing isn't exactly the breadwinner that will send their stocks through the roof. I hope Wells Lamont is different, they are known as the working mans and have long backed up that example by providing people with a well recognized, great quality work glove for a price that won't tap into peoples mortgages to afford.

The fact that they have made Will Berman the Team manager, have given him creative freedom in the direction of their social media, and an opinion on the designs makes me truly think we may have a large company here to stay in the ski world. Whats Will think?

AD: I wanna first tell ya congratulations on landing the position over at Wells Lamont. Can you tell us exactly what you are in charge of over there?

WB: Thanks man! Appreciate that.  Right now I am running the Social Media and Doig some marketing/ promotions for the new branch of Wells Lamont, Wells Lamont Snow.  I also am somewhat of a Team Manager I guess you would call it.  

AD: I love seeing skiers that have grown up in the game gaining important positions at big companies that can have a positive effect on skiing. Do you have anything in mind your trying to do differently than other people in your same position in different companies

WB: Yes.  That was one of the most important things to me.  Anyone who has been A "Professional Skier"  or been involved with the Ski Industry should know what it can be like dealing with some of these companies and TM's.  My goal is to make it as easy as possible for the Skiers so that they can focus on what is important to them and enjoy pushing our product.  Also being around the scene for a while has allowed me to spread the product and gain the support of all different types of skiers around the world and I am thankful for that and for all those people out there.

AD: Where do you see Wells Lamont in skiing in 5 years?

WB: Hopefully on top of the Glove/ MItten game!  Wells Lamont has been on top of the work glove industry for a long time and I am hoping to bring that knowledge and experience into the ski industry.  Once people see this quality product at the price point they will be offered it will be a no brainer.

Butter game strong, them black gloves Stronger?

AD: Tell us about the team thus far, who do you guys have and how do they fit into pushing the brand?

WB: The team consists of myself, Keegan Kilbride, Tanner Rainville, Duncan Adams, Sean Jordan, Adam Delorme, and our newest member Remco Kayser.  I chose this team because it represents everything Skiing should.  From the streets, to the park, to the Backcountry our team does it all and they are some of the best at it, with the best style and the same love for skiing that I have. They are also some of the best guys I know and am proud to have them on the program with me.

AD: There is always the important debate about Core VS. Corporate. How do you think WL can positively effect Freeskiing, and is this a view you hold with other large brands or is this one in particular different?

WB: Even though Wells Lamont is a Large Brand and will be considered "corporate" I believe it will do great things for Freesking.  I do not hold this same point of view for every big brand in the industry.  Wells will be different,  We offer top quality products that everyone can afford with different styles for anyones taste.

AD: What kind of say do you have in the product, I can already see they are putting out some rad shit.

WB: I am super hyped on the new line of product that will be available this Fall and have been fortunate enough to help with everything from styles to material to the color ways.

There is no doubt, these Gloves are fresh to death

AD: Lastly, will there ever be a team Wells Lamont Video? or possibly expect edits dropping throughout the year?

WB: You can expect to see a Wells Lamont Team Edit dropping this Fall/ Early Winter!  We do not have any set projects on the moment but am working on a couple colabs...

The Team At Brighton


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