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Updated: Oct 2, 2019

From a youngster this has always been one of my favorite times of the year. Its the time where you finally get to see all the crazy shit people have been getting into all winter. Instagram has taken away a bit of surprise these days, as compared to the glory days when you didnt know how far progression was pushed that season and who was coming out of the blue swinging like Tyson. However this season has some big surprises, some nasty looking films, and too many to keep up with uploading on the site to be lost in the near future. So here is a spot for ya'll to peep the new Teasers.

"Keep It Real" : Jeremy Pancras

- #KEEPITREALtheproject : a Freeski culture documentary, discover a one year world tour relating a story of self-acceptance through sports, art and lifestyle. Directed, filmed and edited by Jeremy Pancras. For more informations : Casting : JEREMY PANCRAS, HENRIK HARLAUT, JAKE CARNEY, VICTOR DAVIET, DOMINIC LAPORTE, HUGO LAUGIER, JACOB WESTER, ANTWAN "AWON" HIGGINS, PHILIP CASABON, NOAH ALBALADEJO, HIDEMITSU OKADA, MORTEN GRAPE, BRYCE BUGERRA, PHILIPPE LANGEVIN, ETIENNE GEOFFROY, NABIL SLIMANI, COLINE BALLET, BAZ ANDRE DALKARL, QUENTIN CAILLAT, FRANK BERUBE

"Nuance" : By Brady Perron & Phil Casabon

- Phil Casabon and go-to filmmaker friend Brady Perron use a fresh recipe in their latest piece Nuance. Using their strong chemistry, the duo flips a new page, hitting home for skiers and beyond. Phil continues taking chances to grow and push his craft, a task easier said than done. Motivated by a ski background and Quebecois heritage, Perron shoots to reflect a lesser-known side of Casabon. Nuance keeps a high-performance ski standard but manifests Phil’s spiritual connection and obsession with his savoir-faire. Casabon’s goofy youthfulness remains strong while an increasingly intense focus looms. Nuance digs into a hands-on and harsh journey, one scattered with wintry vibes, Phil’s je ne sais quois and a fistful of special moments. A contrasting collection of audio and imagery represent the healing, fun, and dismay necessary for Casabon to fulfill his goals. Perron’s lens and post-production glue together a souvenir of months shooting rather than a document.

"A Joint Effort": Armada skis

- Looking back at the journey we’ve come on there’s one thing that has always proven true. Armada is a product of the individuals that contribute to it, nothing more and nothing less. With JOINT EFFORTS, a 5 part miniseries coming this fall, we aimed to give some of our favorite artists and athletes 100% free creative reign to illustrate Armadas key categories, and the support needed to see their visions through.

Volkl Presents "121"

- Volkl released a new ski this year, and they had the team create an absolute powder destruction flick on them. This teaser is packed with heavy Backcountry jumps, lines, and an overall great team representation of Volkl's brand


"The Collective 2"

- Well its pretty safe to say this is one of the best trailers to be dropped of the season. It has literally every type of Freeskiing involved and absolutely crazy at that. Going to be another great faction flick thats for sure

The Good Company

"Cruise Control"

- Tom Wallisch and Tim McChesney team up to make a full backcountry movie this year that should be a hell of a fun watch put the Good Company camera boys behind the lense and you know the quality will be top notch

"Over Time"

- Sammy Carlson gives you a quick tease that leaves you wanting more. You know its going to be good, You know its going to be filmed well, You know its going to be crazy, and you know Im gonna be watching it as soon as it hits the web

"In The Meantime"

-Absolutely bonkers to think that I have been watching THall in ski movies since i was 11 and still he is putting out some of the heaviest hitting movies of the day. That is the true mark of a legend, and he isnt slowing down, "In The Meantime" is a testament to that. Created by Corey Stanton, Brady Perron and filmed by "The Kid Again".

"Romance" : Level 1 Productions

Level 1 drops the teaser for their 20th, and sadly, their last movie, "Romance". It truly looks like one of their best on the way with a wide range of riders and some returners from back in the day joing onto the roster. From backcountry to streets level 1 can do no wrong

Feat. Lucas Stål Madison, Laurent De Martin, Sämi Ortlieb, Chris Logan, Parker White, Keegan Kilbride, KC Deane, Wiley Miller, Will Wesson, Noah Albaladejo, Tanner Rainville, Khai Krepela, Will Berman, Lucas Wachs, Duncan Adams, McRae Williams, Emile Bergeron, Phil Casabon, Tom Wallisch, Mike Hornbeck, Thayne Rich, Remco Kayser, Ahmet Dadali, Ben Smith, Ethan Swadburg, LJ Strenio, Colby Stevenson, Krypto Skier aka Eirik Moberg, and Friends.

"Welcome" - Strictly

- Teaser of the year? quite possibly so. The guys that brough "Strictly Business" to you last year, came out this season absolutely running. Its got streets, and its got backcountry. Both are top notch skiing with a hell of a crew of progressive guys. Then, the filming!! holy shit, that left me truly wanting my and pleasantly surprised.

Feat. Ben Smith, Pete Koukov, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barret, Sam Zahner. WIth appearance by quite a few more

Filmed by: Andrew Mildenberger, Gavin Rudy, Alex Havey, and Owen Dahlberg

"Slav 2" : Simon Bartik

Them glow in the dark skis look crazy. Simon puts together a movie of his travels around and the friends he meets up with, should be a great park movie

"Human Error" : Owen Dahlberg & Christian Raguse

Featuring Ryan Barrick, Alex Keimal, Chase Althen, Pigeon, Cal Carson, Christian Shackelford, Juice Kennedy, Mason Kennedy, Andrea Zvonar, Tucker Addison, Mikey Gusmano, Charlie Scott, Jack Finn, Cory Iyoob, John Michael, Jordan Romero, Charlie Greenberg, Lupe Hagerty, Robby Brown, and Freinds

"Return to Send'er": MSP Films

- It looks like MSP has taken a far different approach to their movie this year and have decided to film with a short roster of athletes, and it looks like the approach has paid off. From what I see in the teaser, i think we are in store for an entertaining MSP movie, that wont make my ass grow numb from sitting too long

Starring: Mark Abma, Karl Fostvedt, Sam Kuch and Logan Pehota

Also Featuring: Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, Lucas Wachs... And More

"Magma": Hunter Hess, Alex Hall, and Owen Dahlberg

- This trio comes together to create their first film and its based around Mt. Hood. These guys spent some time out on the mountain building booters, and creative hits. For the full Interview go to

The Mountains Are Calling

- Dane Tudor and Simon Hillis team together to hit the BC mountains that they know so well.

"The Strike" : Child Labor

- This one looks dope, throw some good street skiing to some bone Thugs and you cant go wrong. Hyped to see what these guys got done in the streets here. looks like one of those ill low down grimy movies we all love.

"Relax": Carnage

Carnage's first full length ski movie. Taking a step back and making a movie about skiing with friends.

The Deep End:

- Vishnu skis coming to the streets, and fuckin shit up in their own unique way.

Featuring Dylan Manley, Luke Roberts, Cal Carson, Dakota Connole and Kysen Hall.


An all ladies movie, from the skiing to the filming down to the editing. The first of hopefully a long future of films to come, these ladies spent time in Japan hitting the backcountry and streets. Stoked to see women getting heavily back into filming and with so much motivation. to check out the full interview go to

"Brain Massage": Buldoz Life

European squad comes together to put out this teaser for their movie that will be premiering at High Fives festival. Some awesome street stuff in here, should be a seriously entertaining movie to watch

"Winterland" : Teton Gravity Research

- Well they stick right to their formula, rustic narration in the beginning, old school footage, and helicopter shots. But with that being said they still put together some great skiing.

"Pursuit" : Onslaught Crew

The onslaught crew releases the teaser for their 4th movie "Pursuit" with some nasty streets, to some pow hits, this should be, yet another entertaining movie to add to the list.

"High World 1800" : Shred Code

Some fresh skiing out of france from Tim Baud as he skis street in the heart of the alps. Kids got some style and a few friends involved in here.

"Route Des Abricotiers" : Elias Henderson

A first movie for a this swiss crew and they look like they scored some great powder and are able to show it off with some great drone shots.

"UNO": The Blueberries

This French Canadian crew makes their way through some east coast powder and streets in their first movie "UNO"

featuring chris bolduc, raph duchaine, will pilote and tony bilodeau.


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