The Pilgrimage.

Henrik Harlaut and Tanner Hall,  it’s a combination you see quite often.  Tanner and Henrik out in AK filming together, however, well thats something new.  I cant say I didn’t see it coming,  I’ve imagined at some point Henrik would make the skier Hajj to AK, and well, I imagined no other than THall would be the one to introduce him to the monstrous mountains.  

Henrik is one of the most interesting skiers to watch whether its Park, Streets, or backcountry.  He consistently brings his own style to each of the respected genres of skiing, and each time I get done watching his newest edit I get the feeling of a druggie after a fix.  A sedation from pure disbelief of what I just viewed.  I can only imagine what he was able to bring to Alaska that the wild country hasn’t seen yet, or how about, a few years in the future what Henrik could bring to the big mountain scene in general. 

 If we take a second to remember the past, there was a skier who was dominating all the competitions. This skier was putting together banger segments in the streets and backcountry. When he first stepped to AK, some thought it was a joke, but it didn’t take much time for him to leave people with dropped jaws, and redefine his own style and the style of big mountain skiing.  That skier was none other than Henrik’s mentor on this trip, Tanner Hall.

Lets see what Henrik and T have to say about this trip.

AD To TH:  Whats it like to bringing a new guy to the AK Scene?

TH:  It’s always a pleasure opening up the minds of the people who get it in the industry and to open a minds like Henriks to a place like Alaska is an epic opportunity I didn’t wanna pass up.

AD To TH: I can only imagine Henrik’s face in the helicopter. Tell me about that.

TH: It wasn’t his first time in a Heli, but first time in a heli flying in terrain that’s from another planet. His eyes were wide open and you could tell he was in his element.

AD To HH: I know you’ve watched pretty much every ski movie known to man and theres almost always an AK segment in there, what was it like to finally be at this infamous place that you’ve seen in the movies for so long?

HH: It was insane, as you said it’s been in most of the movies I’ve watched growing up and I always had a feeling and a goal to someday make it up there! I was only there for 7 days so it was a very quick first experience but we made the best out of it and it was amazing!

AD to HH: Flying around in the Helicopter, scoping the lines for the first time, were you nervous or just stoked? Tell us about the feeling.

HH: I’d say more stoked than nervous. Just being up in a heli it’s an experience of it’s own, and scoping lines from it makes it even more fun. This was my first trip up there and I didn’t have too high of expectations for myself so I just really was looking for runs/features that looked like something I can perfect. But of course you get nerves and adrenaline pumpin but that only makes me more focused...

AD To HH: The first line you skied, what was that like?

HH: It was dope, I only got to ski one iconic line “sexy spines” that I had heard of before coming. But it wasn’t the best snow year in terms of gnarly lines but I got to get introduced and started so it was perfect!

AD To TH: Tanner:  Your a wild man, Ive watched you in multiple ski movies outrun avalanches out in AK, howling at the bottom with what must be an insane adrenaline rush. Do you get scared out there?

TH: Everytime I get in the heli I’m scared but that’s what makes it just that much more fun , if ya ain’t scared ya ain’t livin!

AD To TH: Having Henrik out there, I would think you guys were looking at things quite differently, what were you primarily seaching for out in AK?

TH: We were for sure.......It wasn’t the best snow year so it opened up the doors for looking for more jumps and natural features since a lot of the big lines were out. It was an insane trip to see the DON tee off on every feature and line we hit!

AD To HH: Is this going to be an annual trip for you now?

HH: I wish so but it comes down to the project/budget.. it ain’t free to fly around the wickedest mountains in the world and be dropped of where ever you poke at, but if I get the chance- no doubt I will go up every year!

AD To HH: I know you’ve skied lines before but being out in the essence of big mountain skiing, does it trigger something deep inside you to want more?  Do you see your skiing eventually heading more into the "big mountain" direction in the future?  

HH: It didn’t really trigger anything until I came back from the trip and I started seeing the mountain in a whole new way - which will hopefully be showed in my new movie releasing this fall!

AD To HH: Damn, new movie you say! tell us about that.

HH: yessssssir! I got a movie capturing my last two seasons coming this fall. I was able to stay healthy for the two seasons and filmed more than I ever have before while also having my best two years of contests as well. Don’t wanna say too much about it yet but for me it’s my most powerful piece yet that will hopefully showcase who, what, and why I am the way I am.

AD: Big ups brotha, thanks so much for the time you spent to do this dog, cant wait to catch up for some runs with you this year. 1

HH: Thank you so much Ahmet, I’m so thankful for you reaching out! Skiing is the sickest shit and it has been some darker times for the industry, but I see so much positive and good momentum right now that I feel that the new golden era is about to rise and this time the people that need to be involved will be! I hope. You the illest bro, can’t wait to ski some with you again soon! Much love king! Wun.

AD To TH: Tell us about your project for this year.

TH: It’s just the continuation of Triumph and trust me it’s on a whole nother level from last year which is hard to believe but once again just comin off the best season of my life and can’t wait to show the world what’s really good!

AD To TH: Thanks G, can't wait to see your movie all put together, from what I’ve seen in person, its going to blow some minds for sure.

TH: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with me and big up yaself for what ya doing with the website! It’s much needed right now in this time and state of where skiing is at! 


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