Brody McSkimming || The End

AD: Yo Brody, First of all the edit was fire,  a really enjoyable watch for sure. So I see this was a three year compilation from 2015-2018 due to injuries. Can you fill everyone in on the different wrecks you’ve had and the results of them. BM: Yeah, thanks man! Unfortunately, I managed to go 3 years in a row there. The first year was hitting road pillows in Japan, landed backseat dislocated a part of my foot and tore a bunch of stuff in my leg. The second year was just skiing resort on my birthday and landed a little backseat again and ended up tearing all the same muscles and ligaments in my leg and adding a couple fractures in my tib and fib. The third was a decent one! Went knee to the face in the Whistler backcountry breaking 6 teeth, my chin, and my jaw bone by my ear. Blood everywhere, even coming out of my ear on that side. Couple surgeries later and I’m about 80% in the jaw department.

AD: Injuries are a constant battle for skiers pushing it and skiers will all go through different struggles on their way out of rehabilitation and back to skis, whether it be mental or physical.  What have you found to be the hardest thing about bouncing back, and does the title of this edit possibly pertain to being over the skiing/injury correlation? BM: Yeah, the hardest thing is the mental side of things. Trying to keep it out of your mind as you drop into something can really mess with you.  Luckily in Canada, we got some pretty decent health care! Making the surgeries and hospital visits less stressful and easier on the physical side of things. The title just came from my roommates watching the edit for the first time. It kinda made sense to use it haha.

AD: The Burrrlapz crew is consistently putting out awesome backcountry content from the Pacific Northwest. How do ya’ll know each other and how did Burrrlapz start up? BM: Yeah Josh is my brother and Dylan is a childhood friend of ours, so we all just grew up skiing and filming each other. Burrrlapz kinda just started as a joke. The only thing that changed is Dylan taught us how to film better. Just kind of a bunch of idiots skiing backcountry, drinking beers, getting sleds stuck, and listening to classic rock.

AD: What I loved about the edit in particular is how well rounded it is.  You're nuking through pillow lines in one shot, then you drop dub rodeos in another, followed with a little creative park riding,  I feel like its unique to see well rounded riders like this these days. Where did you grow up and how did that play into your skiing?  

BM: I grew up in Fernie B.C. I am pretty fortunate to have been there all my life. It’s an unreal mountain that gets a lot of snow.  More pow days than you can shake a stick at. There is no park here but there is more than enough side hits and natural shit you can chuck your meat off of.  So it’s a really good starting place for anyone trying to get into backcountry skiing. As for the park shots, just got lucky trying to fake a superunknown.  Trying to keep up with people who were actually good a park is not that easy haha.

AD: I understand you fly planes.  Over the years theres been quite a few skiers that have continued into aviation, what is it about flying that you think draws skiers into that world?

BM: Yeah after ski bumming, traveling around with your best friends, and skiing all the time it’s kinda hard to just grow up and drop into a normal 9-5 job. So for me, it was the best of both worlds, super fun yet can lead to a rad job in the future! Also being able to fly around crazy mountains and impress chicks is pretty huge. So I think skiers can relate to all of that.

AD: Rubiks cube in under a minute. How the fuck do you do that man? BM: Hahaha. Yeah, you can only watch so much netflix when you're hurt.


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