The Session of All Sessions

3 years deep now Kimbo Sessions can arguably be said to be the most progressive week of skiing to happen in one place. Its hard to make it through one of these edits without having to stop, rewind, play, rewind again, play, and try to comprehend what the fuck had just been done.

The crew is absolutely stacked with some of the most creative heavy hitters from all over the world. Add the fun vibes and you got yourself a recipe for brain numbing skiing. This year was unarguably the craziest session yet. Lets see what some of these heavy hitters have to say about the Session. Starting with the creator himself, A veteran in skiing, Kim Boberg

Photo - Martin Maxwell

Kim Boberg - People were mentioning to me that I should probably stop doing this cause last years edition was just to good to be true and that nothing could make it better.

But that never hit my mind at all, the whole setup at Kläppen with the T-bar, the housing, the ”no-schedule” program, the free shred for as many as we can host, two lunch options and the fucking greatest cat driver ever, it is just to good to ever stop doing. Its good living.

I mean, it is what it used to be in the spring, the season finale with just spring shred, its the best, nothing can beat it.

And since last years session was as good as it was I was thinking if it gets half that good this spring its perfect. We were able to host around 70 people including riders, media, sponsors which was really really sick!

The park turned out perfect, super flowy, different hits on everything and some dope ass bonk sculptures that Freddie Grann built. To have Kristofer Olsson as the ca tdriver for this just makes it so easy, I drew up ideas on features and he put his spice on it with the cat, we didn’t speed check one single feature until the first day and everything worked out as we thought!

The crew this year was unreal to, it was all your favorite skiers favorite skiers and all in all awesome human beings, even Thall was there you know, he is the reason to why I started skiing pretty much and to have him over at my home resort is insane, along with the rest of the crew. The level of riding this year was insane, if you didn’t keep your eyes on the park you would miss something that you had never seen before, and everyone was just feeding on the vibe and hype from each other the whole week and it felt like everyone added some extra spice to their tricks.

It still haven’t really hit me what went down kinda haha, I love this so much its nothing that can make justice for it really haha, it must have been hectic for the filmers as well, I remember one night Ante Olofsson said he had 1.5 hours of selected shots from 1 day. And they were like 6-7 filmers there. To be able to just shred however you want for a whole week and at the same time know that you will get shots, its so productive and fun.

Like I said, last session was perfect but this one was something out of this world, spring skiing with people who love skiing its all you need kinda haha. We were in Kläppen for a whole week, and most of the days we were skiing until it got dark around 10:30 pm. Kläppen is a magical place this time of the year.

Cant wait to do this all over again next spring!

Im forever grateful that we are able to do this session year after year with the support from the sponsors, Oakley, Monster, Armada, Tyrolia, Kläppen, Xtravel, I mean its brands that are actually involved in skiing.

Phil Casabon - " Park Skiing at it's Apex, all-star style."

Magnus Granier - "The Vibe at Kimbo is both 0 chill, and the most chill. People Ski like its their

photo from Martin Axell
photo from Martin Axell

last day on skis ever. I have never seen skiing like that ever. The whole vibe is boosting everyones ability a ton. Then we just chill like crazy on the laziest schedule in the bubble pool and waking up at like 10-11 errday and chill until 2-3 PM, go up for lunch that Sofia (Kim's girlfriend) is cooking. She is making super healthy Veggie food and a meat alternative but everyone just want those veggies. After lunch you let the food sit for a bit then wee all get MF'ing gassed up on some kratom provided by team corkers. From then until the sun sets at 10 we change the history of skiing. Get home at 11 and people drink a few beers and might hop in the studio, creating music or chopping up insta cuts. The Amount of creating is off the roof on hill and off the hill. Its basically every park skiers biggest dream.

James Woodsy - "Kimbo Sessions truly was the dream for all Freeskier's out there. Not only were the features amazing and beautifully spring time slush, but the crew was off the charts. Kimbosessions could honestly of doubled up as an event called "The Who's Who of Park skiing". The Progression and good times couldn't have been of a higher level - Thank you Kim Boberg"

Jake Mageau - "Its the perfect place for creativity, skiing endless amounts, and inspiration coming from every direction on and off the hill. Then being surrounded by down to earth people that come from all over the world for one event, that all live a very similar life is something so special."

photo from Adam klingeteg

Oliver Karlberg - "What makes Kimbosessions so different in my opinion is that there is no

musts on thee skiers. You can kinda do whatever you want, if you have a day you're not feeling it and not wanna send, it's totally fine. This is an awesome event where crazy good skiers from all over the world meet and connect new bands between eachother! on top of this we also got access to the most crazy park ever! There is so much to say about Kimbo but every year its just the best week of the whole season!"

BMack- "There is something very magical about kimbosessions, everybody can see it but its very hard to put the finger on exactly what it is. Its probably the people I'd say. Its a lot of film skiers that never really have ski events. The selection of skiers is so top notch. Real ones only. Very Talented and motivated people and the park is just amazing. How big and high the knuckles are, how steep the landings are, How fast the lift. is , and how small the park is. A Few features but a lot of possibilities.

Adam Klingeteg

Eirik Moberg - The Park was amazing, the cat driver Kristoffer did a fantastic job as well! He also groomed everyday so the park was perfect when we got up to the slopes around 12pm. The park was holding up pretty well so we got to ski the park until 10pm every single night."

"So much fun to get to know everyone there. All the guys were so stoked every single day! so we always had something to look forward to until the edits dropped"



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