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Updated: Oct 16, 2018

  These two boys have been on the grind over the past couple years together creating a project last year called “Barking at the Door”,  alongside filming with The Good Company.  Both putting together heavy hitting Jumps and lines in the backcountry, along with a playful fun approach to the powder, making us froth every year to get balls deep again in that white dream fluff.  

Karl has certainly earned his name, and the ability to be recognized as, “Crazy Karl” stomping an insane bag variety of tricks in pow that most people don't attempt.  With Lucas’s different approach to the slopes and Jasper’s eye behind the camera lens, you can be sure that “Stray Dogs” is going to be a unique, well put together ski film that your not going to want to miss.

AD:  How did you two guys come together and click to make this whole production happen?

KF: First time I saw Lucas skiing, I was super impressed with his style and flow. This was back around 2012 when Lucas was still a grom. He looked like a mini Eric Pollard shredding around and I knew right off the bat this kid was going places. Once we both got lined up with Dakine it made sense to work on projects together and try to follow in the footsteps of our heroes, the Idea Crew. 

LW: We've all known each-other for a better part of a decade now and skiing more and more over the past couple years, it just came together naturally. We all are comfortable shooting with each other and have had good chemistry as a squad so we wanted to go all in with our own little mini movie. Good Company played a huge role in facilitating this and helped us a bunch over the past two winters.

Photo @Talroberts

AD:  You guys spent all season in the backcountry, Take us through a typical day for ya’ll out there.

KF: Every morning starts with Jasper, aka DAD, rallying the troops and making sure we don't oversleep and miss opportunities to spend the whole day farming pow. We usually have a zone picked out the day before, and do our best to get on top of a line or jump and start filming as early as possible.

LW: Usually starts with making a strong cup of coffee, eating some breaky, then if we are sledding usually go gas up if we didn't the night before. Then head to the trailhead, sometimes includes some 4x4 ing some sketch roads and then heading out to the zone and doing some skiing either by snowmobile or by foot. Sometimes you don't particularly know what zone your going to so the day might include navigating old fire/logging roads and getting your sled super stuck trying to get to the jackpot. But sometimes we will go touring too and leave the sleds on the truck which is pretty nice spending more time connecting a little bit more intimately with your surroundings. After skiing all day and usually staying out till dark because Karl loves to fire up a session at last light, we will make our way back to the trucks. From there head home and make some food, enjoy each others company and talk about the day and the next day leading up, maybe play some mario cart. Gotta remember to dry out all the gear and for Jasper backlog all the footage from the day and charge camera batteries. 

AD: Karl, you won the Jackson Hole’s “King of Corbet’s” competition earlier this season, hell of way to start the year off. How crazy was that shit?

KF: You said it man, Hell of a way to kick the season off! I really like contest like Corbet's that are more like old school hotdoggin contest with everyone just having a great time and sending it without any sort of governing body, like FIS, trying to get involved and police the events. FUCK FIS. 

LW: Jasper is insanely talented with what he does and everyday feel lucky to shoot with the guy! His creative eye is unique and brings the flavor to the project. He's also a ripping skier so that helps a lot when describing lines and follow cams. 

AD: Every year there will be at least one trick that sticks out in someones head. Whats the craziest trick that you witnessed Lucas doing this year and vice versa for you Lucas?

KF: Coolest thing I saw Lucas do was that massive gap to pillow tap. Lucas eyed that thing up at the end of a long cold day up in Montana. We were all packing up, getting ready to head home while Lucas was busy stepping out a take-off for a hit none of us could really comprehend. Just before dusk he hiked up and straightlined it into that thing. We were all thinking WTF is he doing, and then he just laced it. Great way to end the day.

LW: Karl did a lot of crazy tricks, its way too hard to pick out just one.... He was on one with the pillow bounce combinations and basically blew the lid off what you can do with bouncing around on pillows. Hearing him talk about it as an idea at the beginning of the year then pull through with all those tricks was so sick to see.  

just gonna send it

AD: It seems like Jasper fits right on in with you two to make a deadly Trio eh?

KF: Ya we're really lucky to be able to work with Jasper. He's gotten so damn good at what he does it doesn't even make sense financially for him to film skiing anymore. Thankfully we got him hooked on brappin so we're still able to keep him stoked on working with us as long as he gets to take breaks to get pitted on the sled every so often..

Last Years movie with the Trio "Barking at the Door".

AD: When I met up with you guys in the backcountry, you had a nice little slide following you down the mountain.  Either of you boys run into any crazier sketchy ones later that winter you want to talk about?

KF: The more time we spend out there, the more we learn about how on point we have to be in order to stay safe. I have my Level 1 and Level 2 Avy cert, and still find ways to get caught off guard. It's so hard to make the right decision 100% of the time. Me and Lucas are both enrolling in further avalanche education this winter so we can be as on point as possible, but, at the end of the day, we're human and we're not perfect, but we're trying. 

LW: We were all aware that could happen and understood the risks of how it would slide and the nature of it so it the line was safely ridden and everyone was on top of it when it popped. As a crew we run through scenarios and practice with our beacons regularly. Being safe in the Backcountry is top priority and as a crew it is extremely important to trust your partners and share knowledge/communicate clearly.

Photo @tyndawells

AD:  Is there anything different that you guys think separates this from past ski movies?

KF: The army truck haha

LW: I'd like to think we tried to capture the vibe of our posse and also what everyone brought to this movie, so I think it's unique in the sense that you get more of a feel for our footage then seeing it in a 3 minute part from full length ski movie. 

Its a hell of a truck

AD:  When are we going to be able to view the full movie? What kind of plans are you guys coming up with for the next season?

KF: Stray Dogs drops online for free October 22nd. Other than chasing storms and trying to find new zones, we don't have any plans set in stone for another project. 

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