Soul Skiing with Ware

point them skis straight N keep it together

Ware has made a hell of a name for himself throughout the years, To me he's got one of the best styles in the skiing business and that don't matter whether hes in the park, streets, or backcountry. To be skilled in all three is something you just don't see in skiing much these days, The reasons run deep and are various. I Know for a fact that for myself powder is just simply a hell of a lot easier on the body. Powder skiing is as if a bunch of hot chicks came to your house, had a pillow fight, and left feet of feathers on your ground that you can jump into off anything. Streets more like someone left you on top of a cherry picker 15 feet high over a junkyard and you gotta make the leap. Anyway I'm getting off the point. Ware spent most his season away from everything in a small, cold, moist camper, in a small town skiing powder.

AD: I ran into you on one of the coldest nights of the year, I think it reached -30 F. Whats it like in that trailer?

JW: Man, those were some cold nights. The heater works pretty well and thankfully some homies were willing to share an outlet in their genny so I could use my space heater. Its rough cause you get so much condensation in there, and then it freezes. All the windows, walls and ceiling were sheets of ice. But you can’t really bitch because your in Montana, so you gotta be a man, and the snow is just that much better when its that cold.

AD: You just recently dropped the POV edit of your season and with it I got the sense of Soul Skiing. No big cameras around, just buddies and shred. What was the approach you were taking to this season?

would you?

JW: Yeah man, that edit was actually just from 3 weeks in Montana. We had an insane crew shredding out there and I felt so damn lucky to just watch and learn from the baddest of all time… we had so much fun and went hard because the conditions were insane. I don’t think we took a day off of sledding in 2 weeks. Big shout out to Cheddar, Thayner, CLo, TR, AD and Dunk for making that trip one for the books. As for the rest of the season, I did have the chance to film some stuff with Good Company in Montana and Baker, so hopefully some shots will come out of those trips too. Stay tuned.

AD: Did ya make it into the park/streets much this year. (If not) why the big change up to all pow?

JW: I had a few days in the park, no days in the streets. Those days definitely are not over, but I have had to deal with some nagging injuries and as you get older, priorities shift and you gotta start taking care of yourself more. The streets can be real hard on your body. Also, with ski companies limiting budgets, I wanted to focus my money on getting into the BC because its worth so much more than just getting shots. I enjoy sledding and exploring new areas and there is so much to learn about the backcountry and snow safety. Its hard work and long days, but the beers taste real good back at the truck.

AD: Favorite beer to drink out in the mountains, and how many for the day.

JW: Its gotta be the Rainer, and ill usually throw 4 in the bag. Maybe a couple more or a couple less depending on the conditions and crew haha

AD: Lastly hows that trailer looking for another season of this?

JW: She’s in real good shape. Im thinking about flipping it in the fall to get something a little more insulated, but ill wait and see on that. Right now its perfect for fishing/surfing season.


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