Sober Spriggs

I was able to kick it with Spriggs all early season and all I can say is dude is on fire. Sobriety has made him a bad bad dude again. Everytime we went riding together he would throw some wild shit in the park making me think about putting down that bottle immediately and follow his example. He just recently released a Bad ass POV from his season of some heavy pillows, deep snow, and big ass step downs. Lets hear what dude has to say.

AD: Sober life, dog, Is it the truth?!

JS: It was definitely a change for me, usually im just focusing all of my time on my skiing in the winter, but this season I worked at a ski shop in Frisco. I was selling gear, making footbeds and fitting ski boots. It was such a terrible snow year this season in Colorado, which i think helped me not go crazy at work, because I wasn’t missing too many powder days, but at the same time the pow days I did miss hurt alot, because we had so few of them. Haha

AD: you worked a real job all year this year, how'd you balance it all, ya think it helped in any way?

JS: I think it also helped me stay motivated, everyday I had off from work I just tried to ski as hard as I could and make the most of it, get as much done as I could before I had to go back to the shop.

AD: people seem to be inspired by you at the moment. The road you've taken to recovery, the light you shed on your mistakes, and the skiing you've been doing. anything you wanna say about any of that?

JS: No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, those mistakes don’t define you, it is what you do after those mistakes, those tough moments, the changes you have to make, that ultimately define who you are. How you handle it, ya know. It definitely feels good when people that I don’t know reach out to me and tell me I am inpspiring them to make or continue to make those positive changes in their own lives. It in return helps me to stay on that path aswell! I still love skiing, i’m still hungry, so im putting all that wasted energy I had put into alcohol, partying and drugs back into my skiing!

AD: The Vail pass road gap. Thats the ender in your edit and your mad stoked, what makes that hit stick out so much more for you than the others of the season.

JS: That hit was actually the last time i skied, the last hit of the season, so I was stoked to end it on a banger! The road gap was on the list all season, but with the lack of snow this season, I wasnt sure if we would get it done. Luckily, we got a huge dump in april, and went after it, we were battling time with how hot the day was getting, but it came together and got a sick shot on it. It just felt like winning a battle, battling snow conditions, the mind, the season and just conquering it

. I was hyped!

AD: Keep up the good work brotha, much love from my side of things!

JS: Thanks brotha!!! Much love as well! Keep killing it too!


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