X Games Real Ski 2020

While Babylon is burning down in a virus of its own deception, something good has to come out to cure our souls. The vaccine is a high dose of unreal street videos that will have to be watch three times a day for the next couple weeks, or more.

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom, click the link, and vote for your favorite

Jake Mageau

Last year he put together one of my all time favorite street edits, so much new, so much fire. Well, fidelity. All new tricks with that exact same, what the fuck expression left on my face

Noah Albaladejo

Style, style, style. They say style is in the eye of the beholder. Well if you cant recognize it in this edit then the beholder should contract corona virus..... (or was it beauty?)

Sam Zahner

Sam jumped in to take Phil Casabon's place after B-Dog suffered a concussion that took him out of the runnings. Coming through half way through the competition, he apparently hadn't been eating for the first half because Zahner was hungry for a big fucking feast, and I dont think anything could calm his craving... That 270? goddddamnnnn eat it up.

Alex Hackel

For a minute I been saying "Put Hackel on the mic" let him recite. Well he picked up the mic, he didn't have to recite nothing, his skiing was flawless and when he dropped that mic I believe it may have been left too hot to pick up. Dont let my opinion influence any of ya'll because I want to see what you guys think. But this is my favorite.

Emile Bergeron

He finally got his shot and I'll tell ya what, he didn't miss. Leave it to the quebecois to find some extremely unique features and throw the fuck down. Love watching Emile get after it year after year. This was dope

Jesper Tjader

What I expected. But in a good way, throw an insane rail skier in the streets and he will stunt on ya. There was some serious stunting in this one. The cuts were dope to see too

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