Paddy Flanagan's 17-18 season

A short interview with Paddy and his edit below. Enjoy!

AD:  Yo brotha, You have been in the street game since you’ve been a youngster, how have you seen things change over the years for yourself.

Yoo dog, thanks for doing all this!! As far as things changing, I feel like my style and spot selection has formed over the last couple years. I’ve been mostly only hitting spots with snowboarders so it’s nice to get a perspective from them and hit spots that skiers usually wouldn’t hit or haven’t hit yet. Also I’m only 19 so I think I got a lot more to do hahaha 

AD:  Your oldest brother is a nasty snowboarder, do you guys ever get together to hit features.

I’ve learned everything from Aidan as far as street shit goes. Dude works harder than anyone I’ve seen  and he does it right. It was my first year up in Duluth for college last year and his last so we got to hit a bunch of spots together. 

AD:  You grew up in Minnesota, The Mecca for street rails, and it looks to me that you spent most the season back home. What do you like about living back in Minnesota and not in Colorado, and how has MN shaped you as a skier

Minnesota is everything to me. I have solid crew of friends, a lady friend that keeps me in line, fishing, sick skate community, rope tows, usually enough snow to hit spots all winter, and enough spots to film a ton of shit. Living in summit county and filming a street part just doesn’t make sense to me. Why move away from some of the best spots in the country when they’re right in my backyard? I could walk to multipe spots from my house in Duluth. I get the ski scene in out west but I’m happy in Minnesota 

AD:  The season is getting started now, whats your plans for this upcoming season? Plans for the season is just to film with all my snowboard homies and have fun. Don’t know where my footy will end up but for sure will be filming street just cause it’s what I like to do.  
AD:  Why should everyone watch Stain NOW!?

People should watch stain because of Miata mango. I’ve never met the dude, but his skiing is soooo damn refreshing and fun to watch. Also oli just knows how to put together a video that isn’t boring to watch. 


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