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Mik D is the OG of style.  Thats about as much of a fact as Trumps vocabulary matching that of a third grader.  While most people were hucking their meat in any direction, and throwing any axis they can with their eyes closed,  he was keeping spins greasy smooth and landings done capped off with confidence.  The rotations stayed relatively low,   180 blunts, Rodeos,  7’s, and a sw 10 blunted that went viral before viral was viral in the ski world.  If you lived through the early era of skiing, you’d have to have Alzheimers to not recall the 10 US Open channel gap.

Growing up, I viewed Mick D as the complete counter culture of the skiing establishment and the epitome of the rebelliousness Freeskiing represented and I loved it.  It appeared that he did what he wanted, filmed with who he wanted, and presented himself in whatever manner that he wanted.  No Fucks Given,  the original freeski way.  He went from riding for Dynastar, which was a longstanding more clean cut brand, to riding for the new, wild, dont fuck with me brand called Ninthward skis.  His signature ski, the Comte’s were on my feet, and his style constantly on my mind.  I actually rode for Ninthward on a flow level in 2005 and I can attribute that to Mick being on that team along with other strong attitude bearing skiers. If you were to ask Henrik who one of his favorite skiers are, I bet you a million bucks, his answer would be Mikael.  So would I, and so would many more of the influential skiers through our history.  He’s an important player in setting the early style scene in Freeskiing, and I am as curious as you to see what the hell this crazy bastard has gotten himself into since his infamous ski career.

AD:  You truly were one of the first guys in Freeskiing, You were crushing it in Royalty to start putting your mark on the scene.  How did you get into this side of skiing? What was it like in that beginning era?

MC: I guess I was one of the very first ones, I was just simply always hanging out with the snowboarders from where I was living in that period of my life, which were also the shapers of one of the very first swiss snowparks in “Les portes du soleil” ad I was the ONLY skier allowed in the park then, and I would just be ditching school and going riding back then in the winter time. Instead of gym class at school they’d have Wednesday mornings on the slopes, so we’d also get a free season pass with schoolage fees etc… And that is how I got into this side of skiing. It was honestly shit because you’d get insulted and shitted on by all of the snowboarders because you would “wreck” their take off and what they’d had shaped…

AD: Why the change of name from Mikael Deschenaux to Mick Comte I have always wondered?

MC: I always wanted to change my name because Deschenaux is my fathers name, Comte is my mothers name. My mother left him when she knew she was pregnant with me. She lost two children while she was pregnant because my father was beating her up. Since my mother left him, he makes me pay for it by ignoring me, after many tries over the years I still haven't been able to know what his deal with me. He just doesn't want to talk to me. I guess its his way of revenge. But I gave up on that coward a long time ago.

Thats why the name change, because he doesn't deserve that type of respect from me, and I deserve better than him and his name. It's always been me and my mother since day one anyway. Rough times growing up but i am good.

AD:  Who was the crew for you to be riding with?

MC: Early on it was those guys I just mentioned and when I left for the US, after the Dynastar team had me signed, I was such a troublemaker getting kicked out of my third school, my mom was like “Just take the lil fucker”. hahah Then I was with the Dynastar team, Candide Thovex, Baptiste Collomb Patton, David Brun, David Bouviax, and The 3 phils. we’d gather up and shred with skogen Sprang, Evan Raps, depending on which location and resort we’d be headed to, then I got signed on Oakley so it was the whole Canadian Air Force, JP, JF, Vinnie, Mathieu Paquette etc…

A bit later on, it began with the whole C-Crew and was back to shredding a lot more with snowboarders again which I always felt more comfortable with and also whom got me to start observing and riding the way I was riding because I was trying to analyze and ride like a snowboarder and not like a skier and so the solid squad for years became, Tanner hall, tommi iliantala, Zach siebert, the Provo brothers, Nate Bozung, and that stayed the crew for a long ass while…

AD:  That Switch 10 at US Open man.  That’s something that will never be forgotten by anyone around the ski world at that time.  The landing, the ride out, the celebration of everyone. What was the atmosphere around you like after winning, what did you get into that night to celebrate?

MC: Yeah the atmosphere was insane that night, well everyone was so happy and so supportive and hyped up, like people were euphoric that was crazy. After the prize money giving we took everyone with us to the condo and got bottles of Don Perignon and partied all night with tons of people everywhere in the house and all the shenanigans that you can imagine coming with such A celebration haha

AD: I remember watching mad behind the scenes bonus shit from the ski movies, Ya’ll fucking partied.  You gotta have some crazy ass party stories.  Ya wanna share one

MC : Brother hahahaha ! There’s so many crazy ones, we used to rage so hard at parties, some parties were so lit and crazy in every possible aspect, like the one time I was in a shower with a girl I’ve met probably not more than 5 min prior being high on mushrooms naked in a shower hahah insanity type shit like this was happening almost every second day, if it wasn’t such BS it was fights and drunk tank, destroying hotel rooms by throwing illegal parties in them, like anything you can think of had probably happened during one of those nights, we were retarded, straight out of the movies type shit haha

AD:  You were one of the first guys really getting out on the tails of your skis, Buttering and sliding rails.  Were you pulling influence from any other sports, Skateboarding, rollerblading, snowboarding, anything like that ?

MC: Yes indeed I had never seeing anyone doing it on skis before, since I was mostly riding with snowboarders and skaters then, all of my skiing came from that, I wouldn’t even enjoy watching skiing movies, snowboard was where I got 99% of my ideas and influences. The whole Technine crew outta Salt lake and PC, Marc Frank Montoya, Jonah Owen, Lucas Magoon was doing all that before anyone else on snowboards, they were a huge influence on my skiing, Backside airs and real tail grabs, buttering, pressing on boxes even to the clothings the style etc, that’s all from snowboarding.

Here is a hell of an interview back in 2000 with Eric Iberg. great to watch

AD:  You were grooming up young Henrik Harlaut when he was on ninth ward.  What was it like skiing with him as he was young and knowing this is, in a way, your legacy living on ?

MC : Yes correct, well it was and still is always good times around him for sure, today is August 20th 2019, and i am sitting here in Saas Fee with him and Isaac Simon to go and ride the park and cruise around. Of course it feels so crazy to still be influential to these kids 15yrs later, and it’s honoring to know I played a big role in their skiing lives.

AD: When did you decide to step out of the Freeski Scene, and what was it that made you come to that decision?

MC : well it kinda all took place on its own, the industry was starting to fall, Ninthward had bad sales, we made bad moves, lost almost all of our money, I was fucking with way too many drugs, and I wasn’t enjoying riding anymore, it had become a job then. I Blew all my money, fucked around and made stupid rash decisions, got incarcerated, then it was over. But no regrets at all, if I was to do it again, I’ll do it exactly the same way !

AD:  Freeskiings changed a lot since your time.  What do you like about the current state, and where do you think it has fucked up ?

MC : I have been away for so long and not paying attention or knowing anything or followed up on anyone else than a couple of homies, and they’re the ones I follow up on because they’re not trying to turn skiing into an academic competition rather the opposite actually. Like Henrik, Tanner, Phil Casabon, Laurent De martin, Isaac Simhon, Sampo Wallot and that’s about the few that I enjoy to watch skiing.

AD: You’ve been rapping now for probably close to a decade, How’d you get drawn into the music side of life?

MC : Yeah even longer than that, I just always been into music since I was a kid, been writing all sorts of poetry since I was very young and I would always just freestyle with my homies until one day some dude gave me the opportunity to go in the studio and put it in motion. Music as since I can remember been a passion of mine, forever will…

AD: Theres been a couple times where you have changed genre’s of your music, from rap to hard rock/metal back to rap again.  Whats up with change up of ya style in the music. Different mentalities in life, or what?

MC : It all started when I bought my first two cd’s when I was like 10yrs old, “NTM – Paris Sous Les Bombes” & “Fear Factory – Obsolete”. Since the very beginning I always listened to both rap and metal / punk. I got back into hip hop after our band “Edesse” broke up, just was like a natural decision, I couldn’t do both at the same time. Writing takes a lot of time, plus rehearsals, recording sessions etc...

AD:  To me, you were always a “say what you feel” kind of guy.  Real as fuck.  Is there anyone in skiing or the industry you’d like to throw up a finger to? 

MC : Oh shit hahaha ! A whole lot of them I have told to fuck off already and a whole of them I wish I could tell to fuck off now but you know what I don’t even corrupt my energy with that kinda BS anymore, because if I do I would betray my principles and let them win, and I really don’t have time to do so… But yeah a couple of people within the industry have really fucked things up for everyone else in the industry, but it’s none of my concerns anymore. And yes I do always tell exactly how I feel and people hate that shit because they’ve been so matrixed out by parents, society, industry, outside influences, they don’t even have their own fucking opinions anymore, sheep… Me I try to refrain from brain littering by ignorance of others…

AD: Do you ever get out skiing anymore, or is that a time in the past for you?

MC : Well for eight some years I only went riding like 4-5 times, when I was invited at some different events or so, but I never really felt the need or the will to go ride at all, until a few months ago, and I did and plan on going riding again, though i am super rusty and my knees and shins hurts as hell when im flexin and buttering, couple of runs and my shit gets all banged… But we’ll see how that goes, maybe I’ll get back into riding, not as anything but just for fun, but maybe ya’ll see some more riding from Mick, maybe not… We’ll see what the future brings. But if anyone has an opportunity for me to coach or do graphics or so, holla at your boy ! :D

AD:  Message for the young ones in the sport, and send us a shout out for your music, where to find it, your favorite tracks, how we can help support it.

MC : Young gunz out there, don’t matter if it’s within the skiing or just in life, DO NOT FUCKING LISTEN TO ANYONE AND WHAT THEY’LL TRY TO IMPLANT INSIDE YOUR MIND. Just follow your dreams, make it happen if possible, nothing is impossible if you give yourself the power to do so, life is to short to be sour at 45yrs because all you did is work and you’re just full of regrets. Go out there and live life and appreciate what you have, not what you wish you could have, protect your energy first, don’t litter and stay away from tv/radio/newspaper and especially as far as possible from any negativity, document yourselves instead of tv series yourselves, there is an amazing planet that provides the most amazing things for us, just open your eyes and mind and you’ll see. FOREVER MORE THAN JUST SURVIVING, THIS IS OUR LIFE AND THIS LIFE IS OUR DIAMOND !!!

As of the music, you can find me on all 40 some streaming services and youtube, etc etc EVERYWHERE, just type Mick Comte in whatever app or service you’re using.

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