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Updated: May 22, 2018

Who doesn't smile when theres no lines.

Skiers creating Ski brands, whats more important to a sports future than this? As a niche sport one of the only ways to survive is by keeping the money recycling through free skiing. So when you see that a fellow Freeskier has created a new brand it is important for all of us to understand what that brand is about and if it fits into your style, support it above all others. Thats why I've brought Giray in to talk about the brand he and co-creater Chris Truneck has created, and fill everyone in on what "Day Makers" is all about.

For those who don't know Giray he has been a heavy hitting skier known around the Freeski world for well over a decade. He has Coached Freeriding teams, competed in Slopestyle competitions, put together film segments with multiple companies, Helped tremendously with ski design work for JSkis, But argumentatively his largest contribution to skiing may be the Company he has helped start, "Daymakers".

AD: First of all, simply, what are the Daymakers?

GD: Daymakers are an alpine adapter, a device with a built in hinge that attaches to your ski boot and then steps into your ski binding as if it were your boot, thus allowing you to walk up mountains without a dedicated touring binding.   It works with any normal downhill ski boots and downhill ski bindings, and gives you the flexibility to take out any skis in your fleet to the backcountry or sidecountry. 

AD: What was wrong with the Trekkers and How have you improved the idea?

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GD: The Trekker was a great idea to open up freedom and flexibility in skiing outside of resorts, but came with a multitude of issues. The single door hinge style pivot point, when confined to the length restrictions of your ski binding, would not allow you to clear both your binding toe piece when lifting your foot, or your rear heel piece when stepping down. We designed an adapter using a 4 Bar linkage, which for anyone familiar with mechanical design knows that you can create an elliptical motion. When lifting your foot up, it draws your boot away from your toe piece, and when stepping down, it shifts your foot forwards to avoid hitting your heel piece. 

The 4 Bar linkage also solved another issue -- Torsional Rigidity. The rear linkage creates extra side to side stability that you normally cannot experience using a frame style binding or touring adapter. We  also created a more natural stride when walking up hills. You see, when you restrict your ankle to a boot, the natural movement of your knee and walking mechanics change. The motion the Daymakers generate when walking puts a more ergonic motion back into your ankle to allow you to gain uphill more naturally and effectively .  

AD: Now that you own your own company, whats the coolest part about it?

GD: As an entrepreneur, skier, and freelance engineer, the coolest part is choosing your own path. You are completely responsible for your own success and happiness. If something isn't working, you can't just be a bystander and blame it on someone else. It's my life and company, and what it is is what i choose to make of it. 

AD: Obviously going to need to know the cons as well?

GD: Most people would believe it's working for free right now and being available almost all hours for customers and the success of the company, but ive found that there is beauty in that. We live in such a high demand and material world that taking a step back and working towards something without an immediate financial reward or possibly none at all is almost a meditation for me, to teach me that effort doesn't always have to mean production. I see people everyday work for money at a job that they dont care anything about, but it's cool to flip things 180 degrees and work for "nothing" at a job that i care everything about. 

AD: So your telling me your not a millionaire yet?

GD:If i got paid per $1 per nut i screwed on and hairs i pulled out.. certainly. 

AD: Where do you see your direction for the future with Daymakers?

GD: We've designed a bomber product that could withstand use which was goal #1, goal #2 is to now make the product lighter and easier to use while maintaining or improving failure rates.  As for the long term outlook -- Daymakers is built around the concept of adaptability, and that's how we plan to ride the waves of the future.

AD: You have a snowmobile right now, Why is it important to still have the Daymakers in the bag.

GD: A snowmobile gets you to cool spots, but doesn't mean you can ski it. Daymakers provides you with a way to hike up in deep snow and mountains that you cannot sled up, so that you spend your day actually skiing and not just Brappin. 

AD: There are a lot of people getting into backcountry right now, and its only becoming more and more accessible, Can ya give some peoples advice on going out there?

GD: Don't ski anything I would ski ;) 

AD: Tell me the best story out in the backcountry this year.

GD: When it snows, it's the best story. But this year I was touring in the Alta Backcountry and came up on a guy that was sending cliffs out there and using the Daymakers. I asked them how he liked them and he was stoked, and being the super conscientious engineer I asked if I could take a look at them. I inspected them for any issues and came to find out he had put a bolt in the wrong spot, which locked the hinge motion in place!! I couldn't believe he toured all that way with limited motion, and was actually relieved that it hadn't broke yet with this misconfiguration. He had recognized me as "The Daymaker Guy" and  talked him through what to do later. 

But it's super funny now going from "ahmets brother" to "The DaymakerMan" to check-in on touring products in the backcountry!  who is Giray Dadali? And will Daymaker Man be coming to a backcountry near you?? 

Hell yeah, Find the Daymaker Man around the mountains touring faster than you. And be sure to check out the site.


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