Magma || Hunter Hess & Alex Hall

Updated: Nov 16, 2019


Well Here is somewhat of an unlikely collab, Hunter hess and Alex Hall. I say unlikely because I havent seen them in edits together necessarily and neither is specifically known for movie segments.... Yet... But both are absolutely insane skiers with a lot of drive and when you mix in Owen Dahlberg to the medicine, well, we can be sure its going to be something to watch.

Heres a few questions with the boys about their new movie "Magma"

AD: Where the hell does the name "Magma" come from for a ski movie?

HH: Yes!! Haha the name Magma was actually a name we got off the internet. We were kinda in a pinch, in the middle of filming and needed to find a name ASAP. So we looked up "words related to volcano" and A Hall saw Magma. It was the best name we heard at that point so we went with it.

AD: It brings me back to my ancient past, watching Austin Powers constantly to seeing Dr. Evil talking about destroying the world with Molting Hot "MAGMMMA". I guess it also works to say that youre guy's movie is gonna be hot fire, whats really the hottest thing in natural world, Magma.

Anyway, how did you two come together to decide that you would put out a ski movie with eachother this season?

HH: Well we talked about making a film over the summer for years. Just thought we would go around to mountains in Oregon and build whatever. We just never really got to it. We realized it would just get harder to actually get it done the longer we pushed it off. So this season we really made an effort for it and ended up getting Owen Dahlberg in on it, Which was the best decision! We really didnt know where to start. I actually had no idea where to go or even what we were going to be able to do and i was the guy who was "supposed" to know everything with being a local haha! I think overall we just acted like we knew what we were doing and eventually found our groove. The Project just really turned into something special, more than i ever thought it would be.

AD: Right on! Always takes a second to get the gears cranking in the right direction but when ya find that groove everything seems to start to fit into place, especially having a filmer like Owen on your side.

Is there anything different about this film that fits to your personalities or any stories that show a direction you wanted to portray?

AH: I think what makes this film so special to us is that we did it purely cause we wanted to. No sponsors or anything tying us down. Just our own project. I feel like it's rare to see longer content these days that isn't sponsored by anyone. We were just a bunch of friends camping out all summer and trying to put something dope together. I saw a rough cut of the movie and it has some extra dank homie vibes!! I'm so hyped on it.

AD: Stoked to hear that boys, always awesome when you have complete control over what you are putting out without any obligations. Of course, always good to have those homie vibes, show how fun the lifestyle is.

Where where you guys filming for Magma?

HH: We had the idea to originally do it all over Oregon but the access was odd and we didnt know enough. We only filmed on Mt. Hood, mainly, and a few shots on Mt. Bachelor.

AD: Always some damn good terrain for the booter up around Hood, and the camping is the best.

Do you guys have a particular day that sticks out in your heads? One of those days that everything goes right and the shots are logged in effortlessly?

HH: I think for me there were a ton of really special days. A really good one was the day we stayed up for sunset. We rode this one spot in the morning, then did a huge build in the afternoon, then we hiked crazy hard for the sunset. At the end, we got to the parking lot and just laid there. It was such an insane feeling. Just so physically exhausted but proud of what we did. Not to mention getting to share a really cool moment with my homies. It made me realize how cool the project was. We were kinda dirtbaggin it out as well, living in our cars, getting chewed out by people, etc. It was something I'll remember forever.

AD: Haha, it wouldnt be mountain hood without dirtbaggin it up, Sleeping in cars, and a glorious sunset hike. Really a uniquely special place that brings out those feelings.

When can we look forward to the release of Magma, will you guys continue the trio in the future?

HH: I think we have plans to continue for sure. It was really fun and now we know how to do it well. Maybe trying to do more in the actualy snow season. I'm not really sure thought. I think only time will tell where we want it to go.

AD: Well I can definitely say that I'm excited to see what you two guys put together.

Whats the season look like ahead for both you guys as far as competitions and traveling goes?

AH: I'm actually heading to Xgames Oslo tomorrow for a big air event and then I'm heading down to NZ to link with all the boys in september!! Not sure yet for the season. Hopefully a nice balance of filming and competing for me.

HH: I'm competing in half pipe then trying to do some filming for sure.


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