LJ Strenio has 17-18 Season

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

AD: You have been putting together segments for years now.  You've had parts on Level 1, PoorBoyz Productions, Meathead Films, 4BI9 amongst others, which segment would you say you're most proud of?

LJ: My Grand Bizarre segment with poorboyz  was the big one for me, it was the height of people still trying to do it all, compete, film urban and backcountry and PBP for some reason invited me on a trip to BC and it ended up working out. My Level 1 segment in habit though was probably the one where I went all in at what I do best, ski fast at metal, so one of those two I guess.

AD: Your season was filled with travels as told by the story line style of you're newest season edit. Tell us your favorite trip from the season and a good story to go along with it. LJ: Man its hard to choose just one, Russia was such an eye opener and full of the excitement you always look for but, honestly, it was probably getting to go home to Vermont with Jake to film our second realski. We didn't feel much pressure because we weren't trying to do the biggest and best anymore so we got to explore my home region and enjoy the process. Probably the most memorable day was during last year's "polar vortex". We were trying to hit a feature at a school and it was our last weekend before our videos were due so we had to ski and the temperature was almost -50 F with the windchill, (mid negative 30's) and I was trying to get my muscles to be snappy enough to link this transfer in a line. It was just so intense, just being outside felt crazy much less skiing and I was struggling to get the shot. Jake's a boy scout and is literally prepared for any scenario though, and when I thought I was done he forced some coffee and chocolate chip cookies down my throat and I ended up getting the line like 10 minutes later. We were outside like 8 hours that day. It was 0 degrees the next day and we ate our lunches outside in Tshirts, it felt so warm haha.

AD: After so many years of putting together segments what keeps you motivated to keep going? How do you keep from getting burned out? LJ: You just have to find something to motivate you and keep it fun, there's never been one thing that's kept me going but always something to pursue. Last year it was the concept of doing only lines, the year before it was to do some crazy shit. This year I bought a sled so that should keep things novel and fresh for me.

AD: I was watching this beside Tom Ritsch, when you tried the backflip off that piece of chunder we looked at each other questioningly wondering why? What possesses you to do that kind of crazy shit where it's almost certain your going to crash LJ: The older I get the less I care about being the best and the more I just want to mess around and have fun skiing. I've found that people prefer watching skiing that looks fun and relateable anyway, I still like making bad decisions though that sums up into lots of small backflips I guess.

AD: What's this upcoming season looking like for you?

LJ: Its been wild man with no realski to film, its such a rush to get those done that this year has felt slow in comparison. Its looking like its going to break down into 3 big chunks for me though: I spent a few weeks on Tell a Friend Tour with Andy Parry and the crew, just traveling around shredding with the most stoked kids. I'm heading to finland with Level 1 tomorrow for a few weeks to hit some urban, and then I'm hoping to link back up with Jake in march to get out on the sleds and film some backcountry hopefully. Getting back to the "little of everything" mentality. 


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