Level 1 Zig Zag World Premiere

Photo: Laura Obermeyer

That time of the year again that everyone looks forward to all summer. Premiere season. A time when all the skiers come together to view the insanity that has taken place in the past ski season. It's one of the best times for a skier who's involved in the movie and the guys behind the production company to see all their hard work pay off, to hang out with all the buddies they ski with again after a long summer, and to watch the reaction from the skier fans in the crowd.

The infamous Denver World premiere just took place and as expected was a major blow out. I didn't get to participate this year myself, unfortunately, but through these guy's stories I can almost feel like I was there.

Freedle Coty

The Premiere might have been the best one I've been a part of, which is saying a lot. Every year you never know who will come out for this, but damn did they turn out... People were frothing. Powerful tribe in the house on Saturday night. It helps to have a decent movie to show, feeling good about this one. Murderous Row of skiers in it... and some very good friends back in the fold who put 100% into the film and the sound bumped in Cervantes..

The movie opens up with the boys from Sweden progressing the shit out of things. Peyben, Kimbo, Oliver, I think they got one hell of a debut and they wanted some techno, so the music went hard at the premiere, proper club style haha.

Photo by Savannah Pitts

Keegan was so damn hyped after the movie that he jumped on stage to shoutout P-White and the rest of the crew, that was some high praise

Everybody celebrated in proper form, especially Thayne, who kept it going well into Sunday cause it was his 27th birthday. Dahrkness went against tradition and kept it cool with security- he didn't even get kicked out until 1:30 AM at the afterparty at the bar across the street and that was only because he tried to stop the music to get people to help find Kyle Decker's Wallet. (But in true Dahrk Fashion) He drew all over some kids "New England Patriots Champions" sweatshirt. You cant wear stuff like that in his presence. Unforgettable night.

Keegan Kilbride

From what I can remember it was a really dope movie. Seeing Dunk, TR, Chris and Parker back in there was crazy. For the first time in 4 years, E-Money didn't get kicked out of the premiere, bummed about that. I wanted the streak to continue.

Chris Logan

Party was a blast as usual, great turnout, bunch of hyped people and free gear for them. Movie looks sick man, good feel. Stoked to be a part of it again.

McCrae Williams

I was super hyped to get back to Denver for, what is always, the rowdiest premiere of the season. From Keegan signing butts to C-lo tearing kids apart for wearing Pats Sweatshirts, I was thoroughly entertained. Always good to see the crew and start getting hyped for the arrival of winter. The boys at Level 1 crushed it yet again, staying true to their roots by making an authentic ski film that brings back those feelings of fall premiere season as a young gun. Eeeeeeeeewwwp.

Will Wesson.

It was definitely a solid turn out , lots of people stoked for the season and movie. I kept it pretty mellow, but I remember the security yelling at a bunch of the guys in the movie on the stage at the end haha.


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