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Henrik is a legend.  There is no debating that.  But what is it that makes him stand apart in such a legendary way?  Is it his ski skills? His unique attitude? His dedication and ultimate love for the sport?    Well fuck yah,  its all these and much more.  He is the kind of guy who may get knocked down but even a team of sumo wrestlers couldn’t keep him pinned. He’s back up and at it again with more fire than before.  This is something that the whole OG La Familia crew referred to as Rebirth.  To bring yourself back from a state of being, stronger and more determined, and with a greater “I’m Gonna Burn Ya” attitude. 

So lets see how Henrik is planning his Rebirth to drop the world on its fucking head.

- First of all for anyone who doesnt know your knee story, can you explain how long you’ve been battling this testy knee and what exactly you have finally had surgery on?

HH: Its been pretty much a up and down'er ever since i first hurt it back in fall of 2009, fixed it, re injured it and fixed it 2011 (both times stitch back as much as possible of my meniscus) and then it was doing good until spring of 2016. So now when they went inside my knee I had a meniscus piece that was in the wrong place blocking my knee from bending more than 90-120 degree flexion (depnding on swelling) which also made my knee lock up at some occasion which has led to me tearing off a lot of cartilage since the knee couldn't smoothly grind in the right direction. So at one part I dont have any cartilage left at all, also had some cartilage that was loose just floating around in there. My doctor said it basically looked like a bunch of seagrass in there from all the lil tears on meniscus/cartilage. 

So for this surgery they mainly just cleaned up, got rid of the misplaced meniscus piece and smothered it out as much as possible. 

- What was the original cause of the knee issue?  As most skiers know, myself especially, when you are battling through a knee issue and still continuing to ski, Its inevitable your going to have more tweaks that stick out in your mind, do you have some crashes that stick out in your brain that continued to reinjure the knee?

HH: I think it comes from me going really hard without any breaks really, then I took a big impact (no crash just little too deep) and it pop'ed out of place, and i still didn't really slow down so it kept just grinding deeper and harder into the wrong place. I don't really have any crash that have really hurt or made it worse (luckily) but I've just felt after going really hard for weeks in row without rest that it's gotten really really sore. 

-What steps do you take to keep you’re knee functional during its least co-operative times in order to ski?

HH: Ice, bike and rest with my legs up high to get rid of as much swelling as possible.

Photo From Daniel Ronnback

- I know people who put Cheese on swollen knees,  Others who rub down their injuries with DoTerra Deep Blue,  CBD Creams.  Do you have some  “Secret” remedies that you have done for your knee?

-HH: I mainly just stick to as much anti-inflammatory products as possible eating and drinking wise and then ice/leg elevation and bike. 

- What does the Idea of Rebirth mean to you?

HH: Fresh start. Get rid of what was holding you back and keep what was pulling you up. Analyze and study the craft you pursue and come back stronger and harder than you ever have before. 

- Head is now shaved, your looking mad different, and real motivated to get on with it What are we going to be expecting  to see from the new Henrik Harlaut? 

 HH: I feel youngin'. When I first saw myself with it short I basically got a crazy deja vu of 15 year old me after signing with Ninthward skis. It was one of the most important times in my whole carrier, it was basically when i first started to form what I wanted to become and be looked at. So to go back to that, a 15 year old HUNGRY lil man from Sweden that can't wait to show/prove what I got up my sleves, rebirth, that's basically where im at right now. 

- I think its safe to say every one has some somewhat dark hours when they are coming back after surgeries and aren’t able to move in the way they are used to.  How do you keep yourself positive through the hard times.

-HH: I just keep telling myself that this is all part of my journey, that this is gonna be a good thing at the end. No doubts and only focus on the future so to take advantage of every stage of this rehab/comeback. Everything from mind elevation to strength building, make everyday count. 

Well brotha,  As always big thanks for taking the time with La Fam,  Wish you the best recovery, the world is yours.  Leave us off with something about the project that you’ve been working on.

HH: Thank you very much, I really appreciate everything you do for skiing and our people. 

Go ahead and say I fell off, 10/10/2020, let's talk again. 


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