Happy Birthday Tom Warnick

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Tom and his brother Ben riding in style

October first is a very special day. Today is my little brothers birthday. If you ever had the pleasure of meeting Tom I bet you won’t forget it. He had a major impact on my life and everyone around him. Tom taught me more about life and living it then any lifetime could.  It always felt like he had been here before. Over looking the bullshit and always focused on something bigger. Tom was extremely driven and a hard worker. He is probably one of the smartest and most multi talented people I have ever met. Tom was and artist, musician, writer, skier, the list goes on. Let’s take a second and remember Tom Warnick today. Happy birthday buddy!

-Ben Warnick


Joy Cassidy Warnick

So Tom won’t call me a coward, I will give this a go.

Today like every day, (and just like all of your own mothers)  I celebrate the huge blessing of being Tom’s Mom.   I always wear that badge with honor. Ben and Tom’s ski family (you guys) are who have kept us going the best we can and we are grateful to you.  Please feel this sincere virtual hug for being The Best Friends and The Best Family in the world; I feel like Tom left you guys behind as a gift to us. Thank you for continuing to be his friend and respectfully celebrating his life. I love every single one of you. Now,  go out and rock shoestring suspenders, a shoestring belt and most importantly ; be safe and be kind.  

Henrik Harlaut

I am so thankful I had a chance to meet and hang with tom, every moment n every day I got to spend with him was fun, wild, and crazy. It was never dull whether we be skiing and trying to max out style to the fullest, or watching magoon and trying to imitate his wildness, or just taking hours before heading out on the mountain to make sure our clothes was big and crazy enough. Everything was done to the fullest and we had so much fun doing it.

I constantly think about the good memories I had with the king and I often think back to these days while choosing what gear I'm about to wear to make sure Tom would have been stoked on it as well. Never let go of that wildness that he inspired me with. He was a true friend and the stories and moments I learned from Gillian with him will forever be with me. Thank you Tom, your legacy will forever live on and what you did will never be forgotten my friend. Love you brother!

Tom Wallisch

Tom was my best friend. We grew up together, skiing, skating, jumping on the trampoline. We loved all of the same things and had so many good times. He was always down for a good time, or to try a new trick or new sport. He was friendly and kind to everyone he met. We traveled the east coast together in search of new ski resorts or new handrails to slide. He made me laugh all the time. He taught me a ton about life and living each day to the fullest. 

I’m inspired to live my live like Tom and still think about all the hilarious times we had as kids.

I miss you buddy. RIP

Ahmet Dadali

I met Tom when he moved from the east coast to Summit County, CO. He was a youngster, probably 16, and had already made a name for himself. I knew him from edits back east and having that ignant style that defined a time in skiing history. I cant remember the day we actually met, but I do know we clicked immediately, and I feel as if he was almost a little bro hanging around with us older guys. He didn't seem to care too much for the high school he went to because he would come back right after school and hang out with my roommates and I almost everyday. We would play call of duty for hours, blasting rap, talking crazy, and when we'd get bored of that we'd all head out to green mountain to jump off the cliffs.

He was full of so much energy and personality. Tom is truly one of those guys that you meet and cant forget, a unique individual. He stands out in a world full of conformity, always speaking his mind and staying true to himself in his skiing and in life. Its sad to lose a friend with so much of this energy, but if theres one positive thing to be said, its that we have this small knit ski community behind him in which he will always be remembered through. Also, that he was able to leave an imprint through his skiing that are recorded in the history of freeskiing that will be seen for years to come. Through this, and through us Tom will always live on. Love ya buddy, Happy Birthday.

Warnick, Ahmet, Hornbeck, Scott See


Segment from Stepts "Network"

The Ignancy Vol. 2 Feat. Warnick, Brogan, and EJ

Super Unkown VI

FOR MORE VIDEOS OF TOM CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW, if theres videos I missed let me know on the comment box on the bottom of the page! Thank you, and Happy Birthday to Tom, we love you.


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