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B-mile, B-Dog, N Brady peeping shots

We should all know by now that Phil Casabon won XGames RealSki 2018 with a breath holding, badass, 90 second segment. What you probably didn't know was, he had a companion with him at almost all the spots. Emile Bergeron stood by his side, or should I say skied, for a majority of the features, and was able to capture some insane shots himself.

"BMile" is no new guy to the street scene, he's been doing it so long that I tend to think of him as being one of the "older guys". I forget that this skier is only 23 years old. Jordan. His trick selection, and creativity in the streets has always been beyond his years and leaves me wanting to see more of his skiing when the edit ends. However, I feel that half the time, edits like his aren't being viewed as much as they should be around the Freeski Community.

Well, I wanted this edit specifically to have another chance to be seen. I, for one, would like to see this guy put together a segment of his own for The XGames Realski next year. so I got a chance to talk to Emile about this subject and more.

AD: Yo Buddy, hope summer has been treating you well! First of all I just wanted to tell you that your edit "The Grand Classik" was fire. It was short and sweet, all bangers. Its hard for me to pinpoint my favorite shot, but that blind 2 hand dragging the wheel was doppe.. Theres always going to be one spot that stands out in a skiers mind above the others, which trick do you think satisfied you the most to stomp?

EB: Yo man, thanks a lot for reaching out !! For me, I think it would be the barrier bonk to lipslide. It was the first spot of the season that we did, and it worked how it was supposed to. Phil also had the shot he wanted to on this spot and it's always fun when everyone gets a clip.

AD: Does skiing alongside B-Dog, while filmed his segment, make you want to participate in this event yourself? or do you think it can be too stressful?

EB: It's for sure a good dose of stress, but following Phil last year definitely added to the desire that I have to compete for Realski. If you surround yourself with the good people it's easier to go through the stressful moments. I love the feeling of being on a mission, and having a concret goal in mind.

📷: B_Person | Brady Perron

AD: Why do you believe it was important for B-Dog to have another skier riding with him on this endeavor?

EB: I think it is nice to have somebody that skis to share the moments of fear/clips/ rewards with. Being 2 people out there, trying to stack clips, also creates a team spirit type of vibe alongside the filmers that plays a huge role in it too.

AD: I still find it hard to believe your only 23, Ive known you for years, and you've been killing it forever. How old were you when you got into the streets, and who were you typically skiing with?

EB: Haha thanks man !! Back then, we had a crew in Quebec called WFP. We were a bunch of friends who were filming in ski resorts and eventually started filming urban. I was with them when I first got out in the streets. At first, I was too young to deal with the urban environnement, I was maybe 11, and was getting wrecked. Around age 15 it got better and I started getting clips more.

📷: @B_Person | Brady Perron

AD: Your brother is a straight OG man, B-Paul was on some shit, do you guys still ski hard together or is he mostly holding a camera these days? If you were to be apart of Realski would it be a Bro Combo?!

EB: Yessir he skied crazy good, these days he's mostly behind the camera and he is killing it. If Real Ski is happening for me next year, there would be no question about my brother being a part of it. It'd be the illest to share those moments with him and I'm sure we would produce the illest shit.

AD: At a time in skiing, when people seem to be shying away from the streets, what keeps you out there? What does the streets represent for you?

EB: I really like it, being out there with friends having a goal in mind is nice. When I started skiing streets, it was clear in my head that I wanted to push in that direction. It represents for me the moment skiing became more official. There is so many things to do and thats motivating.

AD: I feel street skiing hardly gets the recognition it deserves. How do you think the Xgames helps, or hinders, the street skiing niche.

EB: I think that X-Games helps to get the recognition from others, it proves that you reach a certain point. It's a big platform, it helps too showcase our sport and the things we do to the world.

AD: If you were to get into the Real Ski Event, what could we expect you to be bringing to the table to differentiate yourself from the others?

EB: I would just do my best. Theres a bunch of things that I have in mind, a bunch of trick ideas that I want to do, and also an insane crew that is ready to do shit. I've been thinking of that event for a while and to be a part of it would be a blessing. Bunch of ideas in my mind right now and I can't wait to make them happen.

AD: I'd be hyped to see you put together and Real Ski segment next year! I have my fingers crossed for ya brotha, your skiing speaks for itself!

EB: Thanks so much, and thank you for what you are doing !!


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