Girl's Got Style

Sarah Burke is the undebatable Icon in women's skiing. I grew up watching her in the early ski movies giving throwing 10's off jumps, Huge 9s in the Pipe, hitting street rails, hitting backcountry jumps, and constantly pushing to progress the sport for women. She was undoubtedly the best at what she was doing, and best of all would not allow that understanding plateau her skiing. Since Sarah I feel its been nearly only competition driven female skiers and far less ladies choosing to hit the streets and create a unique style of their own.

Then I stumbled on Taylors recent edit. It was a truly refreshing breath of air to see her ride with a style that was not just "Good for a chick" as some might phrase it, but was beautiful for anybody. She flows. She has an understanding of her skis that is only gained by going out day after day and wanting to progress which is something that I feel has been missing in women's skiing with the constant competitive mindstate. You have to perfect the intricacies in your skiing before learning more and more tricks, and I feel that Taylor has spent the time to do that. I caught up with her for a few questions about Female skiing, hitting some streets, and her direction for the future.

AD: Its refreshing to see a gal with some style, not saying others don't, but yours seems refined, where do you draw your inspiration from?

TL: Thanks Ahmet, that means a lot coming from you. Honestly, it’s always been my quest I guess you could say. As a kid I would do a million 3’s just to master making them look good. Style is everything to me, and I was sick of hearing people talk about “girl” style. So I wanted to show the people, that girls can have nice style. 

AD: How much does skating play a role into your skiing?

TL: Skating plays a huge role actually. I just recently started getting really into skating, and found that it is the hardest sport I have ever tried. If you don’t put your all into a trick you can fuck yourself up good. The reward factor is the best feeling I have ever had, which has helped me push my riding immensely. I want to find that with skiing, I have once felt like I hit my peak but ever sense I started skating I have realized I want, and have  so so much more to learn it’s insane. 

AD: I find it a hell of a lot harder for skiers to have support in the filming aspect of skiing. Do you think it's even more difficult being a woman, If so why?

TL: Honestly, I haven’t really reached out to anyone about doing some serious filming. It’s usually just me and the homies passing around the camera. I’ve made a lot of connections over the years and all the filmer’s or crew’s I have met seem down to film it’s just hard to get together and actually make something happen. But it will happen, if you want it, you’ll put that much more effort in and get it!

AD: You hit the streets this year, is that a first, will we be seeing more in the streets from ya?

TL: Yeah, I mean I dabbled in it a little. I definitely have a lot to learn, but I’m excited to take my experiences and tricks to the streets eventually! I’ve got a plan, just doing some brainstorming at the moment so I can turn a lot of heads.

AD: Where do you see women's skiing at this time? and is there any ladies you look up to?

TL: I feel like your either a contest rider, or a backcountry rider. There isn’t a lot of girls that can do it all. Contests, Street and Backcountry.  That’s where I’m trying to fit in. I want to do it all, and I am going to do it all. I love skiing for what it is, I hate how contests are changing, the fun is getting sucked out of it. I’m the girl at the top of the course that’s trying to have fun and ski with others girls so we can push each other. I don’t have a coach or a country telling me what and how to do things. I’m figuring it all out for myself.

AD: Keep up the good work, I'd love to see ya in the streets more and hitting some backcountry, next year hit em with the full segment, You'll turn some heads for you.


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