Fuck It Creation of La Fa Channel

I've been in the industry for 12 years now, its time for a change. We need something new, something to reignite the fire that "The Freeskiing" movement had sparked in me so strongly in the older times. The "Fuck it" attitude that it was founded on. Bump skiing was too routine, needed something new, "FUCK IT" lets go Freeski. Aerials was cool in the 80's now its pretty goddamn lame, well "FUCK IT" lets go Freeski. Bashing Gates to impress overbearing parents, dryland training, and constantly being coached through Races sucks, fucking "FUCK IT" lets go Freeski.

This was the birth, getting yourself away from the strict organization of organized sports owned by organizations! FRESKIING, just you and your friends forming a clan, filled with unique rebelliousness thats begging to be expressed. We were on the run, or should I say on the ski? In Freeskiing we were escaping being told what to do, how to ski "properly", how to live this way and do that thing THEY want you to do. We weren't "skiing" aimlessly, we were skiing towards one direction, in many ways, but still towards one direction, we were skiing towards freedom.

My home life wasn't perfect, problems between parents, the constant battle of my father making ends meet with a family of 5 kids and job insecurities, and the same old school bullshit a lot of people go through. What was perfect was finding skiing. My memory is shit, my friends constantly have to remind me stories about myself that I lived through! I blame it on concussions, but I'll never forget the first time I went skiing. Its etched in my head like ancient Sumerian texts on stone. I was 6, my brother Giray was 4. I remember getting the free ticket for 7 and under at my local ski resort sporting my Cowboys windbreaker while my Bro was reppin the Local Buffalo Bills Windbreaker on, In retrospect I'm pissed about that. We got our rear entry boots fitted, and volant rental skis and walked to the bunny hill. We went up for our first run up the tow rope in anxious anticipation of coming down. I will never forget that first ride, we skied most the way then we started jumping. I would jump up off the very very slightly sloped run with no jump or anything, then Giray would follow the trend. Smiling, laughing, Freeskiing. From that point on my brother and I were inseparable from skiing and absolutely absorbed ourselves into the religion every year.

This was 1994, We knew nothing about ski movies at that time, there was no internet, no dvd's to watch, but there was the Locals at the mountain. We were taken under the wings of Tim Russell and a couple other absolute shredders. These guys were throwing 7s in the mid 90s and flipping off every jump, which were mostly stray bumps or formed hits around lift poles. They ripped the fucking shit out of Bumps, and when there was a mogul comp they would win. Did they join a team?? No, They said Fuck it, they skied together, drank together, picked up all the ladies together. They were Freeskiers. They were our Idols.

We progressed our skiing very quickly I was backflipping the year before "Poorboyz 13" came out (1998), and throwing a mute in there shortly after, mimicking JP Auclair (Rest in Peace Brother). We were spinning 7s on moguls, throwing our bodies in every different flippy rotation out of the ditch we called a pipe, grinding logs we set on the side of the slope, in simple terms we were going crazy! Many of my friends were stuck on the race team because thats what their parents wanted and they would look at us in envy, seeing the freedom we possessed on the mountain. We answered to no-one out there, we were Freeskiing.

I still can't believe the crew we acquired through those following year, (Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Erik Olson, Ross Imburgia, Pat Cowan) and we fucked shit up hitting all different types of handrails that would rival the pros at the time. Compete in competitions you never had to be part of an association for, and guess what? You could actually win money at these, and we did, and even more, there were many of these. Enough for a rookie east coaster to make money to fund their skiing for the year. We did all this because we were all stoked on the direction and the life Freeskiing bred.

I Cant say I feel the same way these days. FIS has taken over and destroyed opportunities for people to participate in cash prize winning competitions, unless you pay into their organization. They had capitalized on a sector of skiing they saw as profitable while the other sectors had become far less, and they spread their tentacles over to grip this new sport in its suffocating grip. Whats worse is no-one seems to realize it anymore. Very rarely is there a voice that stands up and calls these things out, the ones that do seem to be shunned. Isn't this Freeskiing? Aren't we supposed to disassociate ourselves from this kind of structure, especially from an outsider?

I can't say I feel the same way these days. Our magazines are shit! only showing the content that they are paid to show. No true articles of interest. Not give amateurs a chance that don't have the right sponsors. Well you know what? I Say "FUCK IT" , "Freeskier", you suck. Freeze was the real deal, they were freeskiing. "Freeskier", you are not, you are paid off bullshit magazine that my mother doesn't even find interesting anymore. Our media outlets are so oversaturated with whatever unmeaningful junk that comes around that day that I can hardly sit myself down to see whats going on in the Freeskier world for more than a couple minutes. My favorite edits are lost in the mumbo jumbo of the ever expanding internet, never to be seen again.

So I say "FUCK IT". I complained for a long time, hoping for a change to just happen miraculously in the industry. The industry I was once so smitten by, but that didn't happen and complaining doesn't help. I want to Make that change. Its time to hear from the riders that are at the forefront of this industry instead of hearing from the Fake ass, pansy ass, poser ass, mark ass bitches that don't know a damn thing about the lifestyle we love most. Why let the disconnected fakers shape our future. I've been in skiing too long to let this happen. I love it too dearly. I Say "FUCK IT", I might suck with a computer, I might not know the first thing about running a website, I never went to a fancy School or college, but I do know one thing. I KNOW FREESKIING.

I will be working on relevant news along with the content I feel is worthy of being seen. Yes I will be bias, But maybe we need a little bit of a Bias to keep things on the Freeskiing Path.

Enjoy The site and please frequent it as much as you can


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