Camping Etiquette

Spring time camping is well underway, and people are on their annual migration from California, Utah, Colorado, Washington, and every other state where skiers reside for their winters. Government camp local, Sam Keena, has some words written that will remind you how important it is that when you get done smashing two 30 racks of Rolling Rocks with the Boys you clean up afterwards and love the nature around you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ I find this article beautiful.

Photo From Gabriella Makena Insta: Wuhugabu

The woods are calling! Can you hear them? As the snow melts and the air gets warmer, ski resorts close while ambitious skiers keep their hope on the slopes. The place to go is under a tree, in a van, down by the river; anywhere in the Mt. Hood wilderness. A beautiful old-growth forest, full of rich history and eerie energy surrounds an ancient volcano covered in glaciers. I am lucky to call this place home. One reason why so many people love this area is the freedom to camp. Though, this freedom is something many people take advantage of. Many of us have become too comfortable outside of our own homes. Whose to blame you, It’s amazing out there. let’s keep it that way. Have you ever walked a street in your town or neighborhood and noticed trash scattered about? Then, without hesitating, just stepped over those pieces of waste? Try and imagine that same scenario but in the middle of the forest? One thing we can all do to make a change is, never take that passing step and clean the world one piece of trash at a time. Day by day, the forest watches people come and go. It has no voice, no opinion. It just lives and grows. The tree is never alone. It doesn’t know time or worry about love. It provides shade in the heat, fire for the cold, and shelter from the rain. The tree stands it’s ground, and always reaches for the stars. We should all aim to live like the tree. If camping this summer is on the agenda, no matter where it may be; whether a beach, desert or in the woods. Remember your voice, and take action, Keep your camp site clean, even if the mess is not yours. Always carry trash bags, or burn it. DO NOT BURN GLASS! Sometimes it melts, most of the time it blows up. Burning trash smells bad, make sure everyone around is ok with those fumes first. Also, check that you are allowed to have fires! By doing simple preparations and staying responsible, these beautiful camp areas stay natural and just as enjoyable for the next adventurer. Avoid junk food while camping! It can be easy to liter when there is so much packaging to keep track of. When in nature, eat natural foods. The benefits go hand in hand. Find that connection with your surroundings. Feel energized and happy to be out enjoying Mother Earth.

Insta: @Wuhugabu
Photo from: Gabriella Makena

Having a cast iron skillet can also be helpful. This way veggies can be thrown, right on top of the fire. Also, carrying extra silverware and rags instead of paper towel or plastics. This way everything is super clean, reusable and easy to keep track of. Which makes for less supplies on your camping trip. At the end of the trip, if you happen to think to yourself that you may be walking into a mess when you get home, or that you are dreading getting back to the real world, take some time to double check where you are at now so you can leave with good conscience. Then after you’ve packed up and headed out you will look back and say that you’ve treated yourself, and the world with love and respect. Have a great summer.

Samuel Trafton Keena

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All Photos Are from Grabiella Makeena, @Wuhugabu


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