Banged Up

The teaser for the new Jiberish movie “Banged Up” just dropped a couple weeks ago featuring  a crew of skiers that have been ripping out in Colorado together for years now.  These guys are all heavy hitters in the park, and aren’t new to the streets either.  Watching this teaser, for me, was mad refreshing. There was something about it that seemed to recapture the old spirit of Street skiing.  There were Gnarly, heavy features followed up by carnage and crazy bystanders.  The basic recipe for a solid Streets movie that, somehow, feels as if its been lacking over the past couple years.  That Raw, no fucks given vibe, followed up by a rocking song, and unique styles amongst the crew is sure to make this movie a top one my list of movies to watch this year.  I wanted to chat with these boys and see what they got to say so we have Sam Zahner, Calvin Barret, and Seamus Flanagan here.

AD:  It looks like Calvin and Zahner are the ones putting this film together, good work boys! Tell me whats going into this from your guy’s side to make it happen.

SZ: Its been a long process. We are all constantly learning more and more about filming an editing. When it comes down to it we're skiers, not video producers. As nice as it would be to have a person dedicated to the production of the film, doing it yourself has its benefits. We get to have complete creative control of how our individual segments are going to be put together, and once the whole product is done I think we hold more pride in the piece knowing we did all the skiing, filming, and editing ourselves. Calvin and I are very like-minded when it comes to video production, but at times we have contrasting ideas. This works out perfectly, we are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other and critiquing ideas/ editing styles.

CB: To start the season off Sam, Mike and I invested a lot into getting new camera bodies, some lenses, and other general equipment that helped push the overall quality from the previous season. We’re novice filters and editors, but, I do feel like we’ve stepped it up since 70/30. Sam definitely was the main editor taking all of the footage and making it into a cohesive piece, the two of us have been meeting up every week or two to clean it up together for the final touches.

Calvin and Sam.

AD:  In a time of so much similarities in ski styles and editing, I felt like this teaser truly stuck out as being different.  Is there anything you have to say for the feeling behind this ski movie, any inspirations for you guys in making it?

SZ: Generally speaking Stept has been a huge influence on what we are trying to accomplish. No one makes strictly street skiing films anymore. My goal with Banged Up was to keep it as raw as possible and not fill up too much time with b-roll and behind the scenes shots. Most ski films today to bluntly put it; are full of bullshit besides skiing that I really don't want to watch. I just want to watch the ski shots, yeah b-roll is necessary and I'm not looking past that, I just choose to condense it and make the main focus on the skiing.  I understand that big ski-film companies are marketing to an audience wider than the tight-knit ski industry, but that isn't our focus. 

CB: I wanted to put together a project that mostly urban focused, growing up I was always been a big fan of P-White, Shea, Vila, Albaladejo, Ware, yourself, Berman, and many others who have put out heavy segments that have an emphasis on big street features. This year that's not all we did, but that's all that made it into the movie. So for the people out there who enjoy watching us glide or slam down rails, concrete, and bricks, this one’s for you.

AD:  That pyscho lady in the beginning of the teaser looked interesting, lets here that story.

CB: So I was the one filming her, Sam had just hit a rail at a Verizon corporate office in Boston when this kooky lady (probably twice my weight, about my same height, could definitely whoop my ass) came up and started kicking our in run and lip to ensure Sam couldn’t continue hitting it. Long story short her co-workers were perfectly fine with us hitting the rail and were even filming us with their iPads, but she wasn’t having any of it. We’re taking our sweet ass time wrapping up and she wanted us off the property immediately. Once she realized I was filming her meltdown she approached me very aggressively, started smacking the camera and manhandled me from behind shoving me into the hood of Sams car. It’s the opening scene of the movie, it’ll make a lot more sense once you all see it but it was one of the stranger encounters of the season.

AD:  Looks like you guys may have spent some time in Minnesota,  have you been scouting mad spots back home Seamus? Or are you guys just rolling deep in a car looking for features?

SF: yeah Ahmet whenever I have the chance to go back to MN I take it.  A majority of my family lives there so its always nice to go back after not seeing them so often.  Both my brothers live in Minnesota so they know over 200 spots and while we are going to a spot we most likely always see something on the way there.  Whenever we go out of town we’re always making sure there is enough snow, more than enough spots, and a place to crash.

 In Boston we ended up staying at someone’s house who we had never met through instagram, Spicy Boy Cam. He ended up being super helpful for that trip because snow was scarce around the U.S. and the season was coming to an end.  

Skier: Seamus Flanagan Photo By: Chip Proulx

AD: What do you guys believe is going to make this movie stand out from the other movies from the year?

CB: Its raw, were not getting paid to do this, we really just want to do this and put together a heavy project. I think people will recognize how passionate this group is. All of us have skied streets for a few years now but everyone stepped their shit up and really took risks that paid off this past season.

AD:  I love that all you boys have been on the film side for a while now.  As I’ve been seeing things, its far more difficult to get the support needed to accomplish these segments, how have you guys been dealing with it all to make it work?

SZ: It definitely has been harsh on our bank accounts. Working jobs like cleaning, painting, kitchen staff, hotel front desks, etc.. then using that money to fund camera equipment, a winch, and travel expenses. It certainly has put a dent in all of our accounts. This past year I ran myself completely broke just to get in a last street trip to finish up the film. Jiberish has been majorly supportive, with providing funding for gas and the boys Kale and Amos with great advice as far as marketing and design in the post production. 

AD:  I think the return of Jiberish into the ski scene may have a few people skeptical over how deep their support into skiing runs.  However, when I see that they are putting out edits, and now this movie with you guys it gives me more confidence.  Can you guys just elaborate on what Jiberish is doing in skiing to regain that trust and why you guys support them.

SF: Yeah the return of jiberish is back and I cant say that with enough confidence.  Their support in skiing a few years ago in my opinion was catching more of a street crowd.  Now they have gained respect from the street scene as well as always having respect in skiing and regained a new empire for almost all crowds. Either through skiing, or no skiing, my support will always be with them and I know they have my back after 10 years.  Its not called Jiberish family for no reason, they hold it down for the fam.  Shout outs to Pete, Dave, Amos.Kale and all the other people involved with Jiberish.  

CB: Jiberish has been backing us all for a year or two now. They help pay for trip expenses, provide us with as much gear as we need, and they’ve given us a platform to post our content under the company which helps reach viewers that otherwise wouldn’t have seen our work. The Jiberish boys have 100% been the most supportive company for our project which is why we have them as our sole promoting sponsor. Not only that but they always help us with putting together the project. Whether its constructive and honest criticism, making us merchandise to help fund next season, or hosting premieres for us, they’re always down to help.

AD: Who do you guys think is gonna be the stand out skier in the movie this year?

SZ: I'm sure everyone is going to have different favorites when it comes to segments, but Calvin is mine. He has the opener seg in this years movie and has absolutely blown any of his previous street skiing out of the water with this one. 

SF: I think that the stand out skier for "Banged Up" is Calvin.  He has some of the most creative spots in the movie and doesn’t disappoint with the trick level on any of his spots. Straight hammers from the guy.  But You’ll see Zanher’s shit as well and will have your jaw dropped to the floor.  

CB: Tough to say, everyone has brought their own flavor to the table, even Scrappy and Egg joined along for a bit of the ride. My favorite is probably Sam’s, he hit the heaviest spots this year and put together a his best street footage to date. Since 70/30 Seamus spent a lot more time with the entire crew and has a great part as well. Everyones segment brings something different to the table and made for a well rounded project.

Last Years movie "70/30"

AD: When are ya’ll dropping this sucker, and send some shout outs to whoever you want that helped make it all happen for you guys?

SZ: The movie is premiering at if3 in Montreal Oct 19-20th, and we will be holding our own showing at the Jiberish store in Denver on November 9th, so keep your eyes out for that. The film should drop online for free sometime mid to late November. 

CB: Big shout out to Spicy boi Cam in Boston, Flanagan Fam in Minnesota, as well as my cousin Griffin Wade in Rhode Island for letting us all crash. Lastly Amos and Kale at Jiberish and everyone else over on Walnut street.



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