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Updated: Nov 9, 2018

"En Particulier" full movie, Filmed, Directed, Edited by Brady Perron.

Phil Casabon has always been one of those guys that listens to the people around him, processes the information, and talks when the time presents itself.  This is a rare quality that few possess, or use correctly.  Myself included.  Those around him remain silent until he has finished talking, then sit back to ponder the thoughts that were dropped.   He’s a skier who seems to have a way of life that governs his actions and doesn’t change his way to fit in with others, another  highly respectable quality.  

Not only does he have the ability to drop jaws when he puts on a pair of skis, but he drops knowledge.  Just as important in a world full of confusion.  So instead of this interview dealing with his skiing, as would be typical, I’d like to probe his mind for a view into B-Dogs way of being.

Do you have a philosophy in life you live by and would like to share?

PC: For one, I believe intentionally felt word'z manifest, so I pray everyday. Here is a prayer I repeated over the years, drawn from a book called 'The Ghospel of Hip Hop' by KRS-ONE.

I am not afraid. Today I give myself permission to be all that I can be. New fields of divine activities now open for me. Unexpected doors fly open. Unexpected channels are now free. My mind is focused and directed towards my victory. I now create what I need with divine energy. Good things come to me easily in peace and at the right time.

Photo: Brady Perron

Is there someone who has played an essential role in your learning of your own being?

My parents- as a unit. Early in life, they helped enable a lot of circumstances for me to pursue my visionz. From which brought forth circumstances where I met people and lived thru events that inspired the conception of myself.

You have an insane amount of never seen before tricks, how do you go about coming up with the ideas, are they mostly premeditated ideas, do you stare at a feature and let the idea come to you, or what?

PC: Sometimes spontaneous, inspired by present circumstances//environment i'm in/ people i'm with/ foodz I consumed/ music i'm listening, etc. Otherwise it's premeditated, I've bred my mind to often think about skiing, therefore things of that nature appears so I can express those thoughts.

Photo: Brady Perron

I always Imagine that you meditate quite a bit, Do you? How does it help?

PC: I do meditate, mostly while walking. It helps me to stay connected with myself and to count my blessings. Then I can tune into a clearer mind and figure what's the next move.

Photo: Brady Perron

Tell us a bit about different mushrooms why are they so important to you?

PC: I consume mushrooms almost everyday for medicinal purposes and experimentally. Right now I use extract's I've made from Reishi and Chaga. I also use powdered Cordyceps, Lion's Mane and Cubensis from which I made vegetable capsules. 

For me, mushrooms represents a very special tool. One that as great power, it can feed, heal, provide spiritual growth and much more. The process of picking, growing or manipulating the mushroom and then making medication from it is itself uplifting. It catapults the desired results exponentially.

We all know its important to eat healthy, people have been told that it is but not necessarily have that been told why. Why should what you eat be so important?

PC: Consider the human body as real estate, but you only have one and can't move out. Your physical body is the land and your metaphysical is the house. (This metaphor will mostly treat about the physical aspect since it's about food).

Ideally for your land, you want rich soil, exposed to sunlight and near a clean water source so you can grow a garnished garden and harvest life. If you feed your land chemicals, you might provide short term sustenance but compromise longevity by ruining the soil. Then you gotta work your ass off just to fix it back to where it was, originally. It can be pricey and time consuming. On the other hand, if you constantly nourish your soil with the basic needed nutrients, you increase the odds for a prosperous present/future and decrease chances of unpleasant happenings. 

Living in an environment with an abundant variety of life creates a wealthy ecosystem. Therefore, you feel good about your contribution which in turn makes you feel extra good about yourself. 

As for the house, it's interconnected with the land. If you take good care of your land, chances are you taking good care of your house- same way around. 

I'll end this question with a quote from Tha God Fahim reminding us 'Cause you are what you eat, literally. What, you think that shit just go right through you?' 

You read quite a bit from my understanding,  Can you drop 3 books that you believe everyone should read, and a short reason why on each?

PC: Mycelium Running: A blend of scientific/spiritual knowledge about the huge contribution and benefit of fungi. Offers incredible insights on the functioning of the ecosystem and ways for us to use fungus to heal the damages we inflicted to Earth.

Food of the Gods: A history or his story of humans evolution using mind-altering drugs. Offers knowledge about taboo subjects and solutions to better ourselves individually or as a specie in general.  *Stoned ape hypothesis is my favourite

Tao of Wu: Being of fan of the Wu-Tang, this book is candy. Inspiring story about RZA's life curves and how a strong will minded person can shape difficult life circumstances in his favour.

Photo: Brady Perron

Whats your off season like, are you more mentally preparing for the year, or are you on more of a physical level?

I share time with family and friends, grow food, pick mushrooms, camp, walk, skate, bounce, play chemists, bike, do house chores, read, edit a ski movie and the past two years direct the soundtrack for it. 

I do my best to keep a disciplined mind towards my craft mentally and physically. Can't underestimate the power of neither. Like I said earlier, I bred my mind to think skiing, a bunch, so the mental part comes pretty naturally. As for the physical, I try and respect a strict gym program 4-5 days a week. I don't like it but it's an investment towards progress and longevity. 

Photo: Brady Perron

What keeps you motivated every year to stay ahead of the game?

PC: Thank you brotha, I appreciate that statement. The way I see it, I don't play the game, so I can focus on fulfilling my own slot. I know my strength and aim on bettering myself regardless of the new hot shit. I'm not in this to be the best, never been, never will be. So I guess the answer is, self progress keeps me motivated.

Closing words you’d like to share for the kids.

PC: What the god, Bruce Lee, said  'Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Start from the very root of your being, which is "how can I be me?"


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