Random Questions Wednesday

Phil Casabon

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AD:  3 discoveries about mushrooms that everybody should know


PC: -Snails love them. Honeybees love them. We need honeybees to maintain a healthy ecosystem and snails to remind us to move slowly with style.


       -Respectively to it's species, they're highly medicinal, rich in protein, good source of essential minerals, source of various B & D vitamins and can uplift on a spiritual level.


       - One of the four known categories of mushroom is mycorrhizal (myco means 'mushroom' and rhizal means 'related to roots'). Mycorrhizae can transport nutrients to trees of different species, one mushroom species can connect many acres of a forest in a continuous network or cells.

AD:  What book are you reading at the moment


PC: The hidden message in water

AD: How about your favorite book of all time?


PC: Musashi

AD: Which ski season has been your favorite of all time? where everything just seemed to go right.


PC: It always gets better cause of my increased appreciation for life but for the newness factor, I'd say 2009 while filming for Refresh

AD: What is your favorite food?


PC: Fruits 

AD: What makes Quebec one of the best places to live for you?


PC: Wide variety of accessible natural environment, fresh air and space

AD:  You recently bought a house, when you were looking at houses what was the most important criteria.


PC: Near nature

AD:  If you weren’t skiing for a career what  do you see yourself doing?


PC: Wood Carver, Shaman, Emcee, Permaculturist, Movie director, Ethnobotanist, Actor, Writer, Mycologist, Fashion Designer, All That 

AD: favorite regular movie of all time?


PC: The Big Lebowski

AD:  What do you value as being of the most importance in your life?


PC: Gratitude

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