Random Questions Wednesday

Mike King

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AD:  How did Parker white end up with a pair of scissors in his hand and your hair at the blade end?

MK:  It all started with a karaoke night and finley’s bar in Nelson BC. I told this girl that I liked her hair cut and just jokingly said I was thinking about getting bangs myself. Parker heard that and was instantly on a mission for scissors. Next thing I know we are on the side walk outside of the bar, and Parker was holding a massive clump of hair that he had just cut off. The bangs were born. 

AD:  What kind of hair product do you use?

MK:  No product, maybe some Dr. bronner’s if I have time.

AD:  Apples or cherries?

MK:  Got to go with apples on this one 

AD:  Why are so many engines blowing in the new Ski Doo?

MK:  Nah you’re miss informed, the new doos have never been better. Doo or die 

AD:  Blonde, brunette, black, or redhead hair / Black, white, brown, or asian.  Pick your winning combination

MK:  Any that are nice to me!  

AD:  Most important Tool in the toolbox? 

MK:  Duct Tape 

AD:  Whats your dream trailer?  

MK:  One that doesn’t get flat tires. 

AD:  If you could kick the shit out of one action hero who would it be? 

MK:  The Hulk 

AD:  Your idea of a nightmare?

MK:  To lose the vision!

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