Random Question Wednesday

Maddie Jones

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AD:  When have you been the most embarrassed in your whole life?


MJ:  I don’t really get too embarrassed... but at the end of my first day at a new high school, all the kids were waiting for the school buses and my dad drove up onto the sports field and did donuts and then yelled out the window until I got in the car in front of basically the whole school. With a dad like mine you learn not to get embarrassed.

AD:  If you had to change one thing in the world, what would it be?


MJ:  The environmental issues. I feel like I’m living under the perpetual tick-tocking of the earth’s last moments as Mother Nature wheezes her last breaths. Heavy.

How about something nicer instead? Like more tolerance and love.

AD:  You can pick one place to fly to tomorrow, where would you go and what would you bring?


MJ:  Probably New Zealand, and my mum.

AD:  Have you ever been starstruck by anyone?


MJ:  Hahah yeah. I went to Vermont in like, 2012 to watch Dew Tour and rode the lift next to LJ Strenio, who was my fav skier at the time. I was floored.

AD:  Pick an you would want to be animal, what would be the first thing you do as that animal?


MJ:  Definitely a bird. I guess a hawk? And fly over some huge mountains and deep valleys.

AD:  Favorite food


MJ:  Uh, lamb roast. Aussie classic. Mint sauce > mint jelly.

AD:  Best part about being Australian?


MJ:  The humour. Aussie humour is the best. Oh, and having a free pass to say C*#T whenever I like.

Worst Part?


The genocidal history and continuing consequential issues. Getting heavy haha.

Biggest Fear?


I really don’t have a “fear”. But super deep water makes me uncomfortable. Also, my parents dying haha.

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