Random Questions Wednesday

Mike Hornbeck

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AD:  One song you’ve been replaying over and over again?


MH: The Ringer: Eminem 

AD:  Best ski trip you’ve ever been on?


MH:  Any ski trip is up there with the best but if I had to pick just one I would say BC with T hall 

AD:  Tell us about Crow’s Nest


MH:  Crows nest was a nickname yourself, Decker and Delorme gave me. It was our native names. I was crows nest, you were rams head, delorme was horse power, and decker was bear paw. I feel like they all fit us pretty perfect. 

AD:  Most important thing to know when building a house


MH:  Make sure your square and you have a good cut guy.


AD:  Why is 2pac the best?


MH:  Not only was he a rapper he was a activist, actor, business man etc... Lyrically he may have not had the flash as some others but in the bigger picture he will always reign supreme.  

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AD:  Craziest fact you’ve ever heard? 


MH:  I don't even know what is real anymore man. The news and all the media twists everything so I just know my facts; and they are all prolly pretty crazy.  

AD:  Where will the world be in 50 years?


MH:  hopefully in a good place economically, so we are all able to live and provide. Hopefully people can figure out how to see things clearly mentally and technology doesn't run our minds 100% of the time.

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AD:  Best thing about romping on a dirt bike?


MH:  The feeling, speed, airtime, hittin a great corner, ridiing a sand track, locking into a rut, feeling completely exhausted physically, and the list goes on. 

AD:  Weirdest food you’ve ever eaten?


MH:  I don't really like to get to crazy with trying stuff. I usually go with a guarantee of something I will like if I'm buyin, If not ill get out there. Nothing really sticks out though; but prolly something in Japan or Korea. 

AD:  Strangest injury you have ever had?


MH:  I usually just break my ribs. I have 3 of the 4 sides so far. Broke some in the front left and right and the back left. Also my lower ab muscles will get tweaked every so often. Prolly should hit the gym instead of the beer.

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