Random Questions Wednesday

Magnus Graner

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AD:  When you look up at the stars what’s you’re first thought?


MG: What the actuall fuuk is going on over there ?

AD:  Who is you’re favorite skier to watch at the moment.


MG: Jake Mageau

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AD:  Who do you ride with most?


MG:  The Bunch

AD:  If you had to pick one place to live the rest of your life where would it be.


MG:  Somewhere in the Swedish mountains with a piece of land and some good freinds. 

AD:  One major idea that has changed your life most?


MG:  Maybe I should try skiing?

AD:  Why yellow?


MG:  I was inspired by Lucas who was wearing colors and i tought there was a little to much black and white in skiing. There is millions of colors out there, let's explore some more.

AD:  A ski segment you are most proud of in your past?


MG:  My segmant in Interpretation http://www.thebunch.se/interpretation 

AD:  Worst injury skiing?


MG:  MY shoulder bruise slam in my 2018 XGames realski.

AD:  First thoughts when you won Xgames real ski?


MG:  It was a calling for me to win it. I had dreamt of if for so many years so it did not suprise me a ton because I hade already imagined it so many times in my head! I was honored and pleased and super motivated to then film 2 more segments that year. 

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