Random Questions Wednesday

Markus Eder

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AD: Best part about FWT?


ME: Winning i guess.

AD: Worst Part? 


ME: The fact that you can fuck up only one run out of the five stops.

AD: Favorite thing to do in the off season?


ME: Skateboarding

AD: You’re favorite Booze?


ME: Super Juter

AD: What’s the strangest fact you have ever heard?


ME: Dogs suck drink water with the backside of their tongue. 

AD: The best mountain you have skied?


ME: Mont Blanc

AD: Any near death experiences?


ME: Not quite. Repelling down some ice in Chamonix I put all my weight on a shitty placed ancor. I didn’t know it was placed that bad and just got told afterwards… No idea how far it was from ripping out but my gut feeling wasn’t good at all afterwards. 

AD: Best book?


ME: Sun Tzu The Art of War

AD: What do you think you’re spirit animal is?


ME: A wolf

AD: If you could be one person in the world, living or dead for a day who would it be and why.


ME: I’d be the guy who shot Kennedy, so i’d know what actually happened there.

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