Random Question Wednesday

LJ Strenio

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AD: Coffee or tea?

LJ: Coffee


AD: One animal you would want to be and why?

LJ: Probably some kind of bird, I think most of my interests have stemmed from the desire to want to be able to fly and those interests are all really satisfying when you feel like you are flying.


AD: If you had to choose between Bush or Trump as a new best friend who would it be?

LJ:  ugh I hate all things politics. Trump so I could get close enough to slit his throat.

AD: One talent most people don't know about you?


I haven't done it in a while but in my earlier years I was really good at tramp skating. Everyone can do kickflip to indy's and thinks they are good, I was really good.


AD: Least favorite country you've been to, and your favorite?


LJ: its hard to go to new countries and not be hyped on them, that being said my 2 days in singapore were fairly boring. Favorite country is a tough one but my 2 weeks in New Zealand did not feel like enough. You can surf, ski and speedfly there, its beautiful with epic mountains and remote coastline. And best of all its not nearly as over populated.

AD: if you had to choose, what would you smoke, Crack or Meth?


My boring logical answer is whichever would do less damage, but my fun answer is meth because you could probably do some wild tricks on skis while on meth.

AD: What food do you despise?


I like almost every food. I do NOT like beondegi. It's from south korea, its silk worm larvae, its pretty popular there and very hard to eat.

AD: Incredible Hulk, King Kong, who would you rather fight and how?


King Kong, from an f22 raptor, that just sounds fun.


AD: Which rail took you the longest in your life, and how long was it?


The elbowy/closeout S rail that I hit in my 2017 realski took by far the longest of any rail I've hit. I've hit rails like that before so it wasn't the most exciting or standout clip in my edit and far from my personal favorite but it was by far the most difficult. I believe it ended up taking 5 days and about 300 hits. It was probably only 40 feet or so.

AD: Lastly, Boobies or Booty?


can't go wrong either way, I'm sayin boobs

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