Random Questions Wednesday

Keegan Kilbride

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Photo By: Chip Proulx Insta: @ChipProulx

AD:  Hows the liquor store?

KK:  Plain Janes is just the most choice lq,.learning a lot of good life lessons here.

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AD:  Which animal, to you, just doesn’t make any sense to existence

KK:  Pigeons. Hate em

AD:  Who is your favorite actor

KK:  Denzel Washington

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AD:  One thing that makes Jaron Stadler, Jaron Stadler.

KK:  Loaded question dun... Cargo pants, shooters an spliffs.

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AD:  Best part about growing up in the east coast is?

KK:  Acting like your better/tougher than kids from the west.

AD:  Next best thing compared to skiing?

KK:  Lobster rolls / Cdillas

AD:  1 thing in skiing you can do without

KK:  Every kid thinking they derserve it all

AD:  Favorite Beer?

KK:  Labbatt

AD:  Old Faithful is blowing up, death is imminent, whats the last thing that races through your mind?

KK:  FUCK!, I never got to see old faithful..

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AD:  Whats the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

KK:  Probably duck. So dam good tho

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AD:  Have you ever put out a verse with your bro? If so hit us with you best lines.


KK:  Hell na. I dont know who could keep up with SonnyKil. Maybe Cole.