Random Question Wednesday

Kim Boberg

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AD: Whats the Best part about living in Sweden?


KB:  The four seasons, healthcare, rivers and snowparks.

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AD: One country you haven’t skied thats on the list for Must do?


KB:  Canada.

AD: The worst injury you’ve ever had?


KB:  Id say my front teeth just because of the pain and the difficulty of eating anything but soup, but the ACL just because of the time it takes to heal.


AD: Who is the best comedian?


KB:  Joey Diaz.

 AD:  Best Viral video on youtube?


KB: The Amazing race - Watermelon Launch 

AD: One account on Instgram everyone should follow


KB:  @thebeastufc

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AD: What is the most gangster animal in the world and why?


KB:  I was gonna say the Gorilla just cause of what a boiler beast that animal is, but the fact that the Crocodile will snap you in a milli second, drag you under the water, tornado twist you until your limbs fall off then put you under a log in the water until you softens up just perfect before they eat you probably makes it the most brutal one out there.

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AD: Craziest thing you’ve done at a heavy metal show?


KB:  The memories are blurry from the actions, thank ”god”, but when going full on VIP style backstage, front row at the Metallica show in Gothenburg, that was wild. Thanks Armada and skiing.


AD: Coolest thing off of skis you’ve done in your life?


KB:  I feel like all the cool shit I have done has been on skis or trips I went on because of skiing. But the trip I went on with Field Productions to Chile to try to film on this Unesco protected mining town in the Andes (ended up skiing one day) that was a wild experience with the homies. Everything about that trip was wild, from guards with shotguns to Earthquakes to expired passports. All in all a good experience with a good crew on a different area of this planet.


 AD:  who would win in a fight, Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson?


KB:  Tyson, right hook. See ya.