Random Question Wednesday

Joey Van Der Meer

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AD: Hottest chick on instagram?


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AD: Whats the Dumbest Fairytale?

JV: Rapunzel. like punzel, ladies! let that hair down!

AD: Dopest pair of shoes you ever owned?

JV:  Mann, that’s a hard one. I’ve got a lotta love for AirMax87’s, ones w/ out the pumps and goofy clear sponge soles. no balenciaga’s, jus swoosh, stripes & waves.🌹

AD: Who do ya have always bumping in the headphones?

JV:  Too many artists fam! drop a few

BigL, Kodak, Thug, anything TDE, EazyE, SOBxRBE, Shorline mafia, mike sherm, Bas, Robb Bank$, Kid Trunks, weef, $hreddaintshxt, BashBarti (sir cartier aka carti NOT cardi b🤣), uzi, whitney houston, chaka khan and all sorts of genres of musique but of the newer generation been slapping a lotta Nessly & shoutout UK’s Octavian!

AD:  If you could rewind time, whats one thing you would change?

JV: Definitely ever getting caught up in this unjust american jurisdiction system. don’t f*** up when you 18 kiddo’s, either never do it at all or do it before your 18 lmao.

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AD:  Choose one person, famous or whatever, that you would want to sit down and have a beer with.

JV: Oprah, JFK (rip) or Leonardo Dicaprio

AD:  If you had an unlimited money source for a week, what would ya do?

donate unlimited bands to guud causes, than i’d grab my whole team and splur all over europe, new city’s every day and living the best lives 😎

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AD:  Pick an animal to be,  now you have to battle another animal.  What would be the animals and how would you fuck each other up?

JV:  I’d be a dolphin, never get off’d b/ i’m too swift jumping out the ocean ya dig🐬

real peaceful & friendly ❣️

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AD:  Booty or Boobies?

JV:  bruuhhvy you need peaches in your life, u can live w out those lemons. she gotta be fit tho!

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AD:  1 company in any sport that you think has their act together above all others.

JV: 9thward, throughout all. whether or not skis get made, it’s a testament of time to the history of style. paint your picture. skiing is fun, let’s keep it that way🙅🏼‍♂️🧢🙅🏼‍♂️🧢