Random Question Wednesday

Jaron Stadler

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AD:  Who’s your favorite customer at the liquor store?

JS: I really hate all of em.  this guy was cool tho.


AD: If you were in a video game, what would be the first thing you would do?

JS: get coins and save the princess. is there other games?

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AD:  Best mixed booze drink

JS:  Whisky ginger is nice.. Gin n tonic is the #1 go to.

AD:  Worst part about Colorado

JS: WHITE PEOPLE... like the really really white people with patagonia and subarus


AD:  Why is 2Pac the best rapper ever?

JS:  Hows that even a question? He was more than a rapper. He was too young when he died. Who knows what he could have done. no one will ever compare to him. New rap sucks. I could go all day.tupac is the best!

AD: What you got to say about Biggie?

JS: His movie was worse than Tupacs movie.  Both movies were terrible, he died too young as well. His music was ok but I'm west coast all day.

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AD:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

JS: hopefully a Jaron with more money, a house, maybe a kid or two, still skiing and a couple more engines 

AD:  Give us a sentence about Taos, New Mexico

JS:  A totally different world right here in the USA.


AD:  If you had to strangle one animal, which would it be?

JS: a goose. long ass neck, could get both hands on the neck real good.

AD: Whats the craziest story you’ve got with me involved?

JS: Ha. Thats a hard one. We have been threw some craziness for sure. I think the first time I took you to New Mexico was the best tho, full on shit show hitting casinos, driving drunk and just causing a total mess everywhere we went. Once we got to Taos we ran into some OG gangsta Seco boys and ended up with them for the night.

      Another time we almost got arrested in Blackhawk for some racist dude being a dick to you, after fighting with the guy, the casino kicked us out and took all our money..

      One time in salt lake you got in some fight and got "jumped" {(I actually got blind sided by a kid who later became a friend)-Ahmet} then punched out a light or some shit.  Your hand was all bloody and as the police were showing up we ran off. haha. I think we went to Newmex the next day. Your face was all busted in ABQ and you are just in the party making out with chicks with a full on bloody lip.hahaha. way to many stories to go on. lots of parties, fights, drinking, gambling,s kiing, traveling, injuries,and so on..... That made you look bad. Sorry..I was terrible also.

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