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Jonah Williams 

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AD:  What's the best thing about growing up in Utah


JW:  I was fortunate growing up with good friends, a freedom to explore the outdoors every day (all four seasons, right out my backyard), and the ability to ski often, without supervision (it makes the difference). 

AD:  Grizzly Bear or a Mountain Lion, which animal would you rather be and why?


JW:  Mountain Lion, no doubt.  Grizzlies are insane creatures, but the Mountain Lion is so majestic in my eyes.  Imagine having unmatched agility, the natural instincts to survive (and thrive) in the most harsh environments, and being dashingly handsome to top it all off.  Not to say that you don't already have at least one of those traits... 

Best thing about living out of a camper


The lesson of learning how to spend your time. Lots of self-reflection, reading, music, preparing unique meals, etc.  I think lots of people just need a little time alone. 

AD:  Worst thing?


JW:  If you don't have a bathroom:  An unexpected feeling of bowel urgency at 5am


If you do:  Waking up to a loud knock on the door, accompanied by flood lights in the windows  

AD:  If you weren’t a skier what would you be doing with your life right now


JW:  I like to think that I'd be living somewhere warm, surfing everyday.  A parallel universe could hold the answer to this.

AD:  What was your best subject in High School


JW:  Maybe mathematics, but my favorites were anything hands-on (wood shop, mechanics, engineering, and pottery).

AD:  Whats the goofiest animal on the planet, besides a human


JW:  The Potoo Bird

AD:  If you had to disappear from the states and never come back, where would you go?


JW:  Based on what I have seen in person.. Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

AD:  Jeffrey Epstein, was he assassinated or did he kill himself?


JW:  Homicide    

AD:  One grab for the rest of your life in every trick you do, what would it be?


JW:  Blunt!


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