Random Questions Wednesday

Giray Dadali

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AD:  Wanker, Doinker, Gaper, Jerry, or Kook. Which word to you prefer?

GD:  Gaper. Idk when the whole Jerry name took over that old east coast name for a kook. 

AD:  Worst thing about skiing?

GD:  That its a real Catch 22 over your possible financial success vs enjoyment. The more the sport grows, the more you promote places because they give you tickets, the more people there will be at those spots creating bigger lift lines and more tracked out powder. The more we promote buying touring bindings, the more people will be in the backcountry. 

AD:  Punch trump in the face, or would you prefer a kick in the dick?

GD:  Kick right in the cack

AD:  One place in the world you want to go to above all others?

GD:  Patagonia

AD:  Craziest thing your cat does?

GD:  My gf does this thing where she steps at him really quickly and opens her arms, and he jumps like 3-4 feet in the air and she catches him. It's mind blowing

AD:  Greatest Achievement from human beings?

GD:  Probably the Sterilization process 

AD:  Worst food?

GD:  China has some of the best food, but also some of the most disgusting i've had.  Fish Flavored Candies. 

AD:  Hottest Chick on instagram?

GD:  Answering that will get me in trouble brotha. Gotta be smart these days..

AD:  If you were to make one animal into a murderous machine, which animal would it be and how would you equip him?

GD:  A cat that's been hit with an enlargement Ray.... a 10ft tall cat would make grizzly bears look cuddly. 

AD:  What pisses you off the most about your brother?

GD:  When he comes to town and i gotta try to play escort cuz his old mobile house didnt move too easy!

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