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Posted Feb, 20

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Posted Aug, 30

“.    This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for”, Freeskier announced as they posted up a photo of the new cover for the 2019 gear guide. Have we been waiting for this?  Have we all become dull, unthoughtful, "like-machines" on social media and print that we don’t even know what we are double-tapping so long as it’s from someone or some company that we generally associate with a red heart? NO. No we have not been waiting for this, because i feel like i’ve seen this photo before…


     If you looked at Freeskier’s instagram and didn’t recognize the skier on the cover, you may have clicked on their profile. After no more than 15 seconds of browsing, I instantly recognized the cover photo from a February storm post. Though the cover was heavily edited, it still bore complete resemblance. I can understand this fault occurring within a general photo in a mag, but a cover? SERIOUSLY??


     This isn’t the only unsettling media fault of this photo. Do some more research, and you’ll soon recognize that Kaylin Richardson is a 2 time olympic ski racer. Let that sink in. FREESKIER, the name that bears burden the 25 years of the freeski revolution to racing, FIS, mogul structure, put an olympic racer on the cover. I’m not here for a witch hunt, but… Why? I can understand this phenomenal athlete making a cover in Powder or Ski, but FREESKIER ? Does Freeskier truly not care anymore about what its own name and form of skiing embodies? Do we not owe a great honor like a Freeskier magazine cover to athletes within our sport that have dedicated their lives to Freeskiing?   Or maybe just a new editor that like some of us, doesn’t do their homework.


     Athletes and Photographers, we know you’re thumb happy to share your moments of the day, but if you think you have a “banger” or plan to submit that, please hold back your need for instant gratification of likes and think about the bigger picture - It could be the next cover of Ski Racing Magazine.



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                                             of Freeskier Magazine

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