Random Questions Wednesday

Forster Meeks

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AD:  Your favorite ski segment ever


FM: Favorite segment ever is impossible to answer but a few ||  Shea Flynn the 86 || Charlie Owens 10 & 2 || Hornbeck's “wreckalections” || John Ware All damn day || J Nilla full boast

AD:  Craziest guy in Hood Crew


FM: Probably scrappy but he also got my favorite style outa the hoodcrew homies 

AD: Most scared for your life you have ever been?


FM:  I had to face off with this rattlesnake earlier this week. I hate snakes and was terrified 

Traitor to the game... We see that Tecate

AD: Alcohol of choice


FM: modelo 

AD: Who is the sexiest professional snowboarder?


FM: Jib girl is bad as hell but her persona sucks

AD: Best viral video on the internet 



AD: Worst injury skiing 


FM:The ACL/meniscus recovery that I'm dealing with right now but my ankle has been messed up for like 5 years and takes me out for a bit every season.

AD: One thing you learned in school that has always stuck with you


FM: Communication and being able to articulate my thoughts

AD: One segment you put together that you are most proud of 


FM: Definitely the meekstape from 17.18, most street I ever has skied and with so many good skiers. I put in a lot of work that winter & hit a lot of different kind of spots. It was the most fun season I've ever had for sure.

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