Andreas Håtveit

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Born: 07/09/1986

Hometown:  Sudndalen, Norway

Home Mountain:


Instagram: @Andreashatveit


Filmed for this edit in Skibyen in may with Andreas Håtveit and Bendik Øye. We had a one of the most fun weeks ever, and we're stoked to come back with one more edit after 4 years since the last one. Hope you guys like it!

Fast Laps Backyard Skiing w/ Oystein

Atomic Airtime


Andreas Håtveit lapping the park in his back yard in Sudndal, Norway on the 6th of December 2013.

Reasons || Full Segment

Insta Banger


Andreas Håtveit does the tricks and shoutouts that you told him to do on The Slvsh's Instagram in his backyard park at Skibyen, Norway

Ski Porn || Full Segment

Poorboyz Productions

The Good Life

Andreas Håtveit gives an inside view to his life - and his backyard park. Landscape and interior design has a special denotation for ATOMIC Freeski Team rider Andreas Håtveit. While elsewhere walls are being painted and furniture is shifted, the Norwegian moves masses of earth and snow,

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